Insightful & Funny Dirty Bomb Commentary and Gameplay!

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I'm a YouTuber with almost 20,000 subscribers and I like this game. : )

I have made and will make Dirty Bomb videos where I say awesome things while I'm playing or commentate on a match I recently played. I am hilarious and at the same time teamwork-focused, objective-oriented, and I do my best to help my team win.

I tend to praise good gameplay whether it's from my team or the enemy team. I try to encourage my teammates as they play and help them on their way to become better not just through game skills but through a positive attitude that makes competitive gaming a great experience.

My channel is or

My latest video is this, please excuse the non-widescreen, my widescreen monitor died last night and I'm getting a new one. Don't worry about it.

Hope you enjoy, Dirty Bomb community. I love being a part of you.


  • Hey Sharky!

    Loved your vids from BLR until now (what a sad state that game is in... doubt the Russia patch will ever come to NA/EU </3) Btw do you still play?

    Keep it up! We need to grow the community :D (for when the game gets completely published, but for now we can make people jealous)

    By the way, as Skyhammer, when you spawn you can throw down an ammo pack for yourself and it will increase your reserves from 70-something to 100-something :)
  • Yep I still play.

    Here's my next video : )

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