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Type of Bug: No MK IV case on the last day

Description: Today would be the day i had to do the daily match and I would get the MK IV case. Although when I logged in today I still had cooldown ( like 40 seconds) from daily play of yesterday, but I logged out. When I logged in, I was back on day 1. So I didnt get a MK IV case that it was destined to be given to me today after the daily play. And I played yesterday and it showed that today would be the day and I would get MK IV Case.

Video / Screenshot:

Steps to reproduce: Login today

Result: No MK IV case

Expected result: Having the daily play to do, to get the MK IV Case

Reproduction rate: 1/10


  • I am posting this also, in hopes someone else experienced this and also they have some type of registry :(

  • kopyrightkopyright Posts: 600

    This has been brought up by other people in the general section as well (including myself) so it's not that uncommon it seems. :(

  • icce007icce007 Posts: 9

    Happened to me also, any update from Dev???

  • MichHDMichHD Posts: 4

    i didnt get mine as well

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