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Vote kick doens't work

We had an aimbotter on oppositing team and we tried to kick him away but it didn't work.


  • itssmacksitssmacks Posts: 55
    Kicking someone who is better than you isn't nice. The vote also has to pass, you cant just kick vote kick. Also bug reports probably need a bit more than "I did this it didn't work"; how many votes for and against, what map and mode.
  • Objective Underground 5 votes. (Does it even matter??)

    I think I said he was AIMBOTTING, not playing well.
  • itssmacksitssmacks Posts: 55
    Just because you think he was aimbotting does not mean he was.
  • MattjAMattjA Posts: 76
    You need the majority on your team, however most people won't vote in favour of the vote because they're too nice of a person.
  • I'm actually with the OP.

    I just had a game where a player on my team was accused of haxing.

    (This guys nick was just a series of boxes, dunno what that's about)

    Now, I've been playing video games for ages and I used to be an in-game admin for Wolf:ET.

    I know that accusations of haxing outweigh actual cases of haxing by a huuuuge margin.

    But when I specced the player in question it was completely obvious that he was haxing.

    He was tracking people through walls, even though we didn't have any Snipers on our team (let alone any heartbeat sensors deployed) and his target sight was 'snapping' onto his enemies' heads without speeding up, slowing down, or even moving through the intervening space.

    It was completely obvious that he was cheating.

    But when I tried to call for a kick vote nothing happened.

    Tried thrice, and as far as I can tell, the vote never even got called.

    So yes, this is a thing.

    But is it really surprising? This game is awesome! Of course people are going to try and hax it.

    We do need that vote kick option though.

    And some tools for reporting cheaters would also be nice.
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