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GAME Mega-List of Known Bugs

robustFlipperrobustFlipper Posts: 3
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Feel free to add to the list by commenting. I feel like a mega-list of the known bugs would just be easier to read for the developers than scanning through every single forum post.
[Quick Play]
- Often connects to full servers. Forces people to use the server browser.
- Will put people into servers from a region which wasn't selected. One isn't aware of this until one looks at his or her ping upon connecting. This is detrimental for matchmaking as it forces people to play with poor pings and against/with people with poor pings.
- Can connect one to an empty server.
3rd stage
- The room closest to the offensive team (a little further out after you get the objective pick-up) appears sealed off but can be jumped and teleported through. The same goes for the wall on the other side of the room and the window upstairs. This appears to only occur when one joins late.
- The delivery site can be invisible.
- Can appear while in a match but one can still move around in-game and cannot remove the screen.
Video -> Advanced
- Dynamic Decals will not turn off. It will always be on.
Controls -> Advanced
- Sprint Cancels Reload does nothing regardless of whether it's turned off or on.
- Flying Pig doesn't negate falling damage.
- Upon start of the game, one may be stuck with the knife and have to try various things until its fixed, with no particular solution for all cases.
- Switching to the secondary weapon while spamming the reload button cancels the switch and forces the reload, then switches the weapon afterward.
- When reloading the primary weapon, if one switches to the secondary weapon and spams the fire button, it acts as though the fire button was the switch weapons button.
- The turret can bug out and not allow you to leave.
- Spamming the use key on a turret can cause it to bug out and force one's aim skywards. One can switch weapons and fire those weapons but can't leave the turret.
- The weapon can continue firing even after the firing button is released.
- One's weapon may not appear upon revival.
- Using a Special Ability and then going onto a turret can force one into an odd camera angle.
- Unexpected error can occur upon attempting to trade up.
[Special Abilities]
- The Healing Station's blue rings can stay on the ground when a healing station is taken away.
- Med Packs and Ammo Packs don't stop being thrown even if they're only thrown once.
- Special Abilities which require being thrown out frequently do not get thrown out (maybe have them be able to bounce off of walls or something?).
- Fragger's Grenades do not finish downed enemies.
- Proxy can shoot her own proximity mines and damage herself and her teammates.
- One can end up stuck in the crouch position if it's held for a long period of time.
[Error Messages]
- A seemingly random critical error can force you to close the game.
- The cancel button does not work.
- Server browser resets the filter every time (maybe add a "save settings" button to the server browser filter?).
- Microphone may stay on after the push to talk button is released.
- Spectator mode can bug the map out.
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  • TheNinthTheNinth Posts: 129
    [...] Sprint Cancels Reload does nothing regardless of whether it's turned off or on. [...]
    Works fine for me.
  • srswizardsrswizard Posts: 520
    - Sprint Cancels Reload does nothing regardless of whether it's turned off or on.
    I don't mean to underestimate you, I mean, it could be an actual bug, but are you sure it isn't your loadout cards?
    There's an augment that allows reloading while sprinting.
  • srswizardsrswizard Posts: 520
    edited March 2015
    Here's my list of some of the more notable bugs that I've ran into while playing.
    I'm sure that some, if not all of these, are already known, but I'll post anyway, just in case.

    [Weapon stuck]

    -I'm sometimes getting stuck with having my knife equipped in the beginning of a round, completely unable to switch weapons. Sometimes clicking Mouse1 fixes it, sometimes alt tabbing fixes it, but sometimes neither of these fix it. Respawning seems to fix it every time.

    [Glitched reloads & weapon switching]

    -Very often when quickly switching to secondary and spamming reload button, you'll encounter various bugs. One of them being such that your character will begin to switch to secondary, but then reloads his/her main weapon instead, and then switches to 2ndary weapon afterwards.

    -Another reloading related bug is when you begin to switch to 2ndary weapon, (possibly right after beginning to reload your main weapon), and you spam M1, it will sometimes work as if your M1 is bound to weapon switch, and the game will toggle between your main and 2ndary weapons really quick.


    -I've gotten stuck on a turret, in a state where I was unable to
    a) move my aim
    b) fire
    c) leave the turret
    This made me ragequit, what a joke.

    -Similarly; I just today got stuck on the EV turret on chapel, while playing proxy, and spamming F to get on it.
    This resulted in a state where the turret was stuck aiming skywards, and I if I moved my aim, it would always return to that same point.
    I was able to fire my character's guns, shotgun and 2ndary, and even knife, but I could not fire the turret, nor could I leave the turret.
    The only way out of that situation was the suicide keybind.

    [Menus and server browser]

    -They're all running at 1-2 FPS.
    Someone wiser than me knew to say that this is related to g-sync and forced v-sync in the menus. I hope this is fixed, it's a big annoyance.

    -I had my graphical settings reset once, after DB went online for good, but I suppose this could be because of the hotfixes.

    [Cases and trading up]

    -I once had an after match notification about a case reward, and when I went to check it, it wasn't there in the inventory. Apparently the case is a placeholder image, while the actual reward was unlocking ranked, for reaching level 7.

    -I once had an "unexpected error" that kept repeating when trying to trade cards up, and it prevented me from doing it. It was fixed by restarting the game.
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  • robustFlipperrobustFlipper Posts: 3
    edited March 2015
    srswizard wrote: »
    I don't mean to underestimate you, I mean, it could be an actual bug, but are you sure it isn't your loadout cards?
    There's an augment that allows reloading while sprinting.
    Don't you think that if there's an augment for it then the option shouldn't be in the options menu? It becomes useless and misleading.
  • I made a master list but I didn't realize one was already made so here are the glitches:
    - invisible delivery site on Trainyard
    - the healing station platforms (blue ring) not disappearing when you take it out
    - character being stuck in crouch position after holding down crouch for a period of time
    - character keeps tossing med packs/ammo packs even though the key was only pressed once
    - weapon continues to fire after LMB has been released
    - weapons not switching when you use the 1,2,3 buttons
    - air strike/nades not thrown out when tossed quickly <== HAPPENS VERY FREQUENTLY
    - gun not appearing when revived
    - ammo/health packs not appearing when thrown down
    - this
    - cancel button not working when you try to join matches
    - quick join putting you in empty lobbies
    - quick join putting queuing you for full lobbies
    - you can knife people through a wall on Trainyard (someone looking through the window above the ramp you can trick jump off of next to Attacker spawn can be knifed if someone jumps and melee's from the ground without making contact)
    - Fragger's nades don't gib downed enemies
    - MIC stays on after button is released
    - Skyhammer drops "air strikes" underground even though the whole map is indoors and no air strikes occur
    - Server browser filters reset every time
  • Also this:
  • Lastly with Proxy there is a glitch where if you shoot her mines the server treats it as Proxy shot her mines regardless of who shoots it and proceeds to damage/kill your teammates
  • RhomzRhomz Posts: 2
    edited March 2015
    i got this is spectator mode:



    - Using an ability (throwing ammo/medkit/mine ect.) and quickly after doing so mount the turret/MG it puts you in a strange camera angle

  • god1god1 Posts: 363
    I just completed a mission which wiped out the rest of my missions and gave me 0 credits.
  • Not sure if it's even a bug but the missions requiring you to earn XP are not counting the xp the same way as ingame.

    Let's say the Hunter killer mission requires you to get 14000 combat xp.
    If i get 5000 combat xp in a game I should be 30% done. This is not the case atm.

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