Matchmaking and server browser bugs

so when i click objective mode to do a quick join sometimes it says that server is full then some weird error

it has something to do with the server browser after a few games the pings on the servers change from being a number to "-" then it screws up the quick joining it puts me in the same room or says server is full it doesnt check for the best ping because it cant and sometimes i end up in an aus server with 300 ping

and the quick joining needs to check gamestate before joining a server i have joined many servers at the end of the game so i loaded the game up for nothing then it loads out waste of time

also theres something wrong gun animation when i use sky hammer and then throw myself or team a ammo pack to ground its shows the arm moving but doesnt drop anything and also happens to sky hammers air strike nade i press it and it showed the animation of it throwing but then when i press Q it was still there but its not just sky hammer its proxys reloading animation i pressed R and it showed the shotgun reloading and then when i fired 1 shot it was empty maybe i was in a laggy server i dont know but its happened more than once


  • I also experienced:
    - Server Browser: All the pings being "-"
    - Quick Play / Casual Match: My region is set to EU but it joins an Australian server (we all had 300 ping except one person who had 60 ping, and he said he was from Australia).
    - Quick Play / Casual Match: Clicked Objective Mode, it tried to join a server but it failed with the error message "server full".. this can happen repeatedly if I keep clicking e.g. Objective Mode. Clicking the other Mode usually works.
  • srswizardsrswizard Posts: 520
    -All the pings are displayed as "-" to me also.
    -The quick matcher will sometimes try to put players of level 6+ on servers that are restricted to level 6
    -The quick matcher often places me on servers with 200+ ping
    -The quick matcher is a one pump chump who gives up after one unsuccessful try (server full, and so on).
  • Neo_GeoNeo_Geo Posts: 14
    still puts me in aus server when i click europe only
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