GAME OBJECTIVE: Turret teleport + Duplicating objective and fake finish the game.

TheEagleTrooperTheEagleTrooper Posts: 56
edited January 2015 in Bug Reporting

Some glitches/bugs on Trainyard, im sure you can do this on every map with a datacore as objective.


  • ASDASD vienna.ATPosts: 107
    nice one!
  • DiositoDiosito Posts: 295
    edited February 2015
    @TheEagleTrooper thanks for the editing, posting and reporting of these bugs (well, I reported them a couple of months ago), I really have not enough time and patience to do it.
    (I'm playing as Dark.Persephne. in the video)
    BTW, you can deploy more than 1 turret along with the obj, and works with any deployable entity too (such healing stations, sticky nades, ammo supply stations, mines), but turrets are far more fun :p >:)

    I know @Violator will enjoy this video :D

    I can't wait for the next build/update to find more bugs xD

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