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Considering customizable loadouts has been a hot topic of discussion and debate for a while, I thought it'd be fun to list our own 'dream loudouts' below. Let's pretend it's a perfect world (or not so perfect) and we could make whatever obnoxious or practical builds we want. Got a favorite merc you wish had a different secondary or perk? Post it! Want a Rhino with a katana, flying pig, quick slash, and chopper? You got it, boss! I'll get this thing rollin' with a few of mine:

Unequivocally, without a shred of a doubt, indisputably, hands down, you-bet-your-sweet-ass that is the loadout I'd send SD my left kidney to have. I main Nader and I'm always torn between SM41 and the more combat-ready SM83. I love the SMG-9 because I suck with the communist Crotzni and refuse to touch that other pea shooter. I've grown so used to springy that it's difficult to play her without it and the cricket bat annoys the hell out of me. Drilled is all I ask for and I prefer the .40 over the M9. Overall, I think it's a reasonably balanced loadout - not much different than her others. I'd like all of this packaged in her sexy First Assault skin. God, it hurts to even imagine the possibility of this being reality. Let's move on to Stoker:

Admittedly, this one seems a bit too good to be true, but it's not that far off from some of his other great loadouts like M55. I prefer the timik over the M4, I love the .357 despite the current state of revolvers, and I'd be happy with either the Beckhill or the kukri. Ultimately, I think the kukri has a more Stoker-esque feel to it so I went with that. The augments are self-explanatory. I don't own any of his obsidian loadouts sadly, but I'd run this with his recent undead obsidian that was only available in his pretty meh T52. Lastly, I'll post a trolling loadout:

If rule # 1 of Dirty Bomb is "don't be a dick", rule # 2 is 'never knife a Nader'. Well, what do ya say? Want a melee only fight? Even if you manage to kill me - which you won't 'cause I have springy - I'll lay an egg that'll blow your salty self into enough pieces for undead Stoker to grill up for dinner later. What? Martyrdom is cheating in a knife only fight? ... Involuntary bowel movements are common after death. Sorry, nothin' she can do to help it.

Yep, those are mine. All I want for Christmas. B) Now, I realize y'all likely don't have as polished Microsoft Paint cropping skills as me so images won't be necessary, but bonus points for you if you do! Let's hear about yours!



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    Can't crop a pic for now, but:


    Bigger Blast


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    Mp400, M9, Axe, potient packs, double time, quickslash.
    The ultimate hit and run merc!

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    Just give me Vasilli with the Grandeur, Quick Eye, Quick Draw, and Fast Reload

    So hey, I have a small guide here you may like, go ahead, read it, you know you want to.

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    Phantom with felix for primary, secondary would be sparks primary, and obviously the kitana the augment that increases cloaking duration, mechanic, the one that gives extra clip

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  • Jedi operative - Phantom with Katana, quick slash, ( chopper or quick draw), pineapple juggler.

    Miracle operative - Phoenix with getup, potent packs, extra supplies.

    Lightning operative - Proxy with flying pig, springy and double time.

  • Sawbonez with the SMG-9, the DE.50 and the beckhill. For augments Extra supplies, Get-up, and spares.

  • Nader with Crotzni, Caulden and Bat.
    Augments: Unshakeable, Quick Draw, Quick Slash.

    Yes, it's just the CR73 Nader without Enigma

    Dirty Bomb is a JoJo reference ゴゴゴゴ...

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    extra supply, get up, potent packs

  • @BooryDarthNader said:
    Nader with Crotzni, Caulden and Bat.
    Augments: Unshakeable, Quick Draw, Quick Slash.

    Yes, it's just the CR73 Nader without Enigma

    Yeah, I hear you. My dream Nader would be as simple as replacing unshakable with drilled and the M9 with the .40 on SM41.

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    Phoenix's CR81 is pretty much perfect in my opinion. Just replace the Crotz with say the Kek-10, and maybe swap out Guardian Angel with Extra Supplies.

    Bushwacker: BL81 Loadout, but replace the Blish for the M4, and Chopper (as much as I love it) with Mechanic for the most efficient repairs ever
    He'll need it if he wants to rebuild Houston.

    Primary: M4
    Secondary: Selbstadt
    Melee: Beckhill
    Explodyhendron, Extra Supplies, and Extra Ammo

  • ArtyrimArtyrim Posts: 216

    A perfect Proxy

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    @Artyrim That katana is taller than Proxy and probably weighs more than her too lol.

    @AlbinMatt M4 Bush sounds pretty good to me. Think it'd suit his character model well and compliment the turret.

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    The ultimate in pizza delivery


    Flying pig

  • Phantom w/ remburg, machine pistol, katana, extra cloak, silent steps, quickswitch


  • @Dys[fn]al said:
    The ultimate in pizza delivery

    If Proxy delivers my pizzas that way, I won't be tipping her. Made a few others I thought would be nice:

    This Skyhammer because I'm not a fan of his BR loadouts at all. Double time has grown on me a lot and I like it now.

    And this Bushwhacker 'cause I want an engineer that's more viable from longer ranges. The blish is a headshot machine and focus could supplement that. Think this one would be a pretty solid loadout for him with the turret helping a lot in closer situations.

  • Phantom

    Smg 9

    Empire 9





    In general it would be cool if Phantom could have an smg 9

  • i would want a skyhammer timik with drilled that doesnt have double time

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  • For any assault, pretty much Double time, Unshakeable and a third swinger perk depending on the merc e.g. Bigger blast for Nader.

  • KiraysKirays Posts: 1,479Moderator



    Beckhill Combat Knife

    B72 comes very close to that. o:)

  • Bushwaker: Kek-10 Selbstat Beckhil
    Nitros (assuming it would make the turret fire faster)
    Lock on
    IMO just a stupidly more attacking orentated version of a defensive merc

    Phantom: Kek-10, SJ, Katana
    Looter (seems like a augment phantom could use pretty well)
    IMO Phantom has a pretty defined role to kill high value targets and then leave, my thought proccess with this is that it gives him a few more options to do things, looter even pseudo being using to aid the team with low health kits and ammo kids.

    Rhino: Arhnuld, Selbstat, Cricket bat
    Escort (It exists in the game files and doesnt have a use attached to it but id assume it had something to do with getting bonuses while sticking to your team)

    Nader: Crotzni, Selbstat, Combat axe
    Bigger blast
    Quick draw
    Why not something to annoy everyone to top it off

  • Thunder: MA93 (Mk46, s&w, cricket bat)
    Augments: Drilled, Explodydendron, Focus

  • Kek-10 Sawbonez

  • K51 Fragger except replace the deagle with a simeon.

  • Sawbonez

    Potent Packs
    Extra Supples

    Carbon skin (my personal favorite skin. can’t go wrong with all black)

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    Hmmm not sure to be honest...only thing that really comes to mind maybe is a Fragger.

    S&W .40

    Quick Draw (Why not be OP?)

  • Lord_CoctusLord_Coctus Posts: 2,295

    Well since the thread was revived

    Mp400, S&W, zappy sticks.
    Quick charge, Chopper, Potent packs.


  • Mc1412013Mc1412013 Posts: 2,270

    @Artyrim said:
    A perfect Proxy

    Replace bomb squad with mechanic. might help in bridge

    Hey look i finaly got a sig , and nothing to put here

  • The old thread's revived again! B)

    2 more I really want:

    SM83 Nader with a beckhill instead of the bat.

    Thunder with an AK, DE, and kukri. Quick eye, quick draw, and focus. I'd play Thunder so much with this...

  • Proxy with Hurtsall 2k, Desert Eagle, Katana
    Lock on, Quick slash, Chopper

    Bushwhacker with Kek, Desert Eagle, Louisville Slugger
    Lock on, Steady, Chopper

    Nader with Timic, Desert Eagle, Beckhill
    Bigger Blast, Explodydendron, Focus

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