pls help

Now check the cache delete them and reinstalled the antivirus and istale on another pc and do the same I do not know what to do
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    What are we looking at

    Hey look i finaly got a sig , and nothing to put here

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    your game seems to lag pretty hard. did you already try to remove the game COMPLETELY and reinstalling with a freshly downloaded copy?

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    People expect to get some help, but they can't provide basic information. No spec, no description. Title says nothing more but "pls help me".

    Based only on what I see, I assume you have win7+, running with w/e GPU and HDD disk. Your setup is at least 1+ year old (2+ ?). So... I would check SMART of your HDD and memory usage.

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    cough this isnt the technical help thread

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    @Eox Can you close this thread please , this kid doesn't deserve help, no spec info, not even a description of what is even wrong, and this is his second thread about this.(You closed the other one) And like @Shenaynays said, this isn't he just needs to submit a support ticket

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