Health: 90
Stark AR
Secondary( stock)S and W revolver
Tolen MP
Melee: Beckel combat knife
Cricket bat
Ability #1:Hacks enemy deployables and shuts them down for 15sec and takes 5sec to complete hack and 33sec system down time which is just a fancy cool down.
Lore: A Japanese IT specialist who encountered financial difficulties and after the nuclear bomb in London he went there with his skills and hacks the system to earn CA$H.
This merc is reconnaissance class.


  • 15 Seconds is a little to much to disable something, and what do you mean by "5 seconds to complete the hack"?
  • BushWankerBushWanker Posts: 296
    @SweetGenocide when you are hacking it is not instantaneous so you need to enter the system loading times, I think that could also be a cool animation.
  • @Bushwanker Welp, each merc has a advantage and a disadvantage, so yeah, also please tweak the 15 seconds disable into like... 6 or whatever number, 15 is a little to much.
  • BushWankerBushWanker Posts: 296
    @SweetGenocide I wasn't sure about numers so I just through them out...
  • yesseryesser Posts: 325
    if we say he can hack anything in his vision sight 2-3 second could be nice to hack and 7-10 shutdown since he is a sniper (maybe change the stark into a driess or grandeur)
  • BushWankerBushWanker Posts: 296
    @yesser that's a good idea as well, I like the stark because it has a scope type of sight...
  • BryckoBrycko Posts: 223
    *cough* Turner *cough*
  • if he is a recon merc shouldnt he have some sort of recon ability? i think according to the abilities it would best fit in the role of an engineer
  • BushWankerBushWanker Posts: 296
    @peppyCandle phantom doesn't have a recon ability.
  • NaonnaNaonna Posts: 849
    Phantom is an assault merc at this point. One that's not really up-to-par. Yes, he has a unique utility, but it's not providing recon information unless you have bomb squad on the loadout. (Allows you to see deployables through walls)
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