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[Merc] Grapnel

"Get over here! Is that the way it goes?"
  • Class: Engineer
  • Health: 100
  • Speed: 430
Now hiring Grapnel, a martial arts master from Japan with a knack for beating people up and building stuff.
Primary Ability
  • Grapnel Gun: Grapnel's Grapnel Gun (kinda redundant) is a tool that shoots a hook connected to the device by a coil that, when attached to a surface (including people), pulls Grapnel towards the surface (kinda like in the Arkham Games). This helps him zip around the map and also can allow him to kick enemies that he's attached to.
Secondary Ability
  • Objective Specialist: Grapnel is an objective specialist, so he can plant/defuse C4's and repair objectives faster than most other mercs.
  • Nunchaku: Grapnel gets the nunchaku melee weapon. It's a weaker but faster hitting version of the Cricket Bat, but is special because it can be swang around to gain momentum and hit harder.
Default Primary Weapon
  • SMG-9


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