Merc : Faucon

"As they say : Sauver des vies au mépris de la sienne. But here, that no longer matters."
Origin : Paris, France

Health - 150
Speed - 360

Faucon originated from one of the elite counter-terrorism units, the GIGN. He specializes in crowd control and also high-risk operations, and of course, loves his Riot Shield. But during a Hostage-Rescue operation, he accidentally shot the hostage he was supposed to save. Stuff....happened....and he was forced to resign from the GIGN. During the time where the dirty bomb attacks occured in London, he took this opportunity to finally show off his talents. Months later, he has developed his very own Expandable Riot Shield. The CDA saw his background and skills, and decided to take him in as part of their Mercenary units to take on the Jackals.

Ability - Riot Shield
When used, Faucon will wield a Shield that covers his body, exception of his feet. No one can penetrate through this shield, but you can still shoot his feet. He will have the speed of Rhino with his Minigun(not spun up yet).

Secondary Ability - Expanded Shield
When wielding the Shield, Faucon can expand it to cover his sides, head and feet. Thus, You have to go around to kill him, or using explosives. He will have the speed of Rhino spinning up his Minigun.

*Keep in mind, he will be very vulnerable when using his shield!*

Weapons - GC36 assault rifle
Secondary - Simeon. 357
Melee - Beckhill Combat Knife

Class - Assault

And yes, this was inspired from a Operator in Rainbow Six Siege, also known as Montagne.


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