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  • New Dev Video: Earn More Hexads

    Hey guys!

    Want to get a bonus while you get a bonus? Well then, we've got a weekend for you..

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  • Re: Leaving the match too soon at the scoreboard screen won't award you your xp and credits.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  • Fine Tuning Update Release Notes - 19th July, 2017

    Hey all!

    In this Fine Tuning Update we're sanding off some of Turtle's rough edges, as well as fixing a few other issues that have been lurking for a while.


    • Fixed bug where the Shield would sometimes not award XP correctly
    • Fixed bug where the Shield could be placed inside an MG
    • Fixed bug where the Shield did not properly block damage from the owner's C4
    • Fixed bug where the Shield appeared too opaque when viewed through IR Goggles
    • Fixed bug where the Shield would make enemies too difficult to see when viewed through IR Goggles
    • Fixed bug where a Healing Pulse could heal through enemy Shields
    • Fixed bug where the Shield's pulsing effect was not visible on minimal graphics
    • Fixed bug where Turtle’s V-Says that did not have VO were not greyed out
    • Fixed bug where friendly explosives did not damage the Shield on friendly fire servers


    • Fixed bug where players would receive negative suicide XP for enemy-inflicted damage
    • Fixed bug where melee weapons were inconsistently registering hits
    • Fixed bug where melee weapons would not register a hit if touching a wall beforehand
    • Fixed bug where a player could get stuck in the item throwing animation until their reserve was depleted
    • Fixed bug where the incorrect enemy weapon could appear after being killed


    Numerous small visual, text, audio and collision fixes


    • Fixed bug where clients could crash upon joining servers at the end of match
    • Fixed bug where players in Ranked could sometimes be forced to play a completed match again


    • Fixed bug where Turtle's PDA showed "Click to Continue" even after players had seen the help screens
    • Fixed bug in Ranked where disabled Mercs did not have a distinct border


  • BEWARE! 'Turtle Power' Achievement Bug

    Hey all,

    With the Shell Shock update we added some new Achievements to the game. One of them being 'Turtle Power' which you earn from owning one of each rarity of Turtle's Loadouts. Currently, if you complete these requirements you will NOT unlock the Achievement due to a bug.

    We will be fixing this in an update (planned for July* 25th).

    In the meantime, if you unlock these cards, HOLD ONTO THEM! We'll do a check and grant the Achievement to all players who meet the requirements shortly after the update goes live. If you do not have all of the required cards at the time of the update, you will NOT receive the Achievement, whether you had them beforehand or not.


  • Hexadic Trinket earns you an 50% of more!!

    DID YOU KNOW?! The Hexadic Trinket earns you 50% EXTRA Hexads when you have it equipped? AND stacks an 5% with UP TO NINE other players too!