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    Hey all!

    There's a lot coming in the next five weeks. Watch to find out what..

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  • Re: Discusion of Posssibility of return of execution after rework confirmed by sd???

    Keep the discussions going! I would be personally curious to see what updates, improvements or changes you would like to see in Exe if it was to make a return.

    @Wintergreen Time is also another factor as to why Exe was removed. With Exe being in the game, for every release we did our QA team would need to spend 100's of hours testing it. Every Merc with every ability in every map etc. By removing it we saved a ton of time, meaning we can spend time on rigorous testing.

  • Re: Any chance of a PvE mode?

    We don't have any plans for adding a PvE mode. PvP multiplayer is where our focus is at!

  • Re: Community Market

    Steam Community Market has been discussed, it's not just as simple as turning it on however. There's a huge amount of items which need to be taken into consideration before taking that step. We know that market/trading functionality is a desired feature within the community, but currently there are so many other features/bugs/content which need to be done before we can start to actively work on it.

    Thanks for the post! It's always nice to see well thought out ideas.

  • Re: Raise the MIN LVL for Ranked

    We understand your frustrations and that it can be annoying playing with people you deem to be too inexperienced for the mode, but if we were to raise the level requirement for Ranked, or add in another requirement this will severely impact the time it takes to get matches and match balance.

    Hopefully once players complete their placement matches and you all start to venture up and down the ranks, making this become less of an issue. There will always be times where a player with a few hours in the game will carry over a lot of FPS skill, meaning they appear to be a "scrub", but will surprise you. The inverse is also true. If the latter is the case, why not try and help nurture and grow their talent at the game by offering assistance and feedback? It's clear they want to play the mode competitively and being given a nudge in the right direction will certainly help that. Telling them to 'git gud' will just drive them away which has a large impact. I just finished a game and [TAW] @Corpse was being super helpful to less experienced players which helped us to win.

    From the screenshot you posted, I'm not too sure what your point is. Granted, a team of unranked shouldn't come up against a team of Golds UNLESS their MMR is of a similar level. In which case, the match up makes sense. It also looks like the enemy team completed the map in just over 10 minutes. That's a pretty good time and for us isn't an undoubted sign of the match being unbalanced. Again, I just had another recent match where we didn't even complete the attackers side but we still managed to win. The match came down to the wire, yet two players on the other team started to say how BS and unbalanced it was.

    As much as we need to improve and adjust things, players need to realise that you can lose with it still have being a balanced match. The whole point of games like Dirty Bomb is that there is a winner and a loser. If everything was 'perfectly balanced', every match would end up as a draw and everyone would have the same K/D and XP. Is that exciting? No. Does that seem right? No. So please. Try and look at this objectively.

    (This does ramble and some of it is off topic, but I feel it's important none the less)