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  • Re: Why Ranked Will Kill Dirty Bomb

    Ranked is definitely the core of the game and is by no means in its final form. There will never be a Ranked Season which is the same as the previous one as we're constantly going to be making improvements and updates. "'XYZ' are all successful games and have big player bases because of their good gameplay along with good matchmaking". The key thing here is the number of players, and as our player numbers increase, matchmaking will improve too.

  • Re: Standard forums post, ranting about ranked

    @ImSploosh said:
    I'm playing ranked just for the skins and it's taking forever. 23 games so far, 13 wins, 10 losses. Every loss was due to a @$!# team.

    This is actually a good example showing a balanced system. If everyone ended up with a 50/50 win/loss ratio then everyone would be placed perfectly. The fact that you've won a few matches more means you should be placed against harder enemies, although this would depend on match performance history. Either way, this sample is too small to draw solid conclusions, but on the whole it looks like matches pretty balanced.

    I'm gonna see if we can pull some numbers together to help explain the matchmaking system more. I fear that there's a stigma surrounding it and potentially biased opinion could be having a negative impact on the overall Ranked sentiment, which would spread to more players and could end up in less people playing it due to unfounded fear.

    As for OP, we're fixing a bug in an update later this week which should resolve/reduce the amount of 4v5s happening. If not, we'll review and see what else we can do. Upping the min level required to play Ranked will not happen. And if you do find yourself in a 4v5, do your best to stay positive and play through. This happened to me in S2 and I managed to win a few of them.

  • Re: Dockyard Update Notes

    @Tanker_Ray said:
    So..... where's the balance patch again?


    While we want to do a full sweep of balance updates, we still need to update how we collect our data so we can get more in-depth at how everything is performing. When we get closer to doing this, we'll let you know.

  • Re: Does giving ammo provide reduction to ability cooldown?

    It does indeed :) It is a flat value as well, not percentage based.
  • Re: "Diamond" loadout card in the files?

    Just as @Eox said, "This was pretty much the prototype for Cobalt cards. Don't expect them in game." :)