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    @Melinder said:

    @GatoCommodore said:

    It was established a hell of a long time ago that the PTS isn't and never was used for properly testing updates. It was always for Content Creators to prepare content prior to the update going live. SD would never listen to anything anybody says.

    This is just not true. The PTS are asked to test specific features or updates and contains a variety of players from different backgrounds. The whole idea that the PTS purely consists of content creators or straight up incorrect and is a mentality that is negative not only for the PTS but for the game on the whole.

    The PTS does include content creators as they need access to unreleased content. If they did not have acces they would not be able to make videos ahead of time.

    We listen to what our PTS players say. Often there will be disagreements and discussions then take place, we encourage this behaviour. If you're not involved int he PTS process, you aren't privy to the goings on and this alone makes it unfair to comment or make assumptions.

  • Re: Incompetence is ruining this game

    Replying directly to OP ( @mpod89 ) :

    Issues like what you've described (not being able to reconnect to a Ranked match) are situations where we can always use extra information. A really helpful thing for us would be for you to post this in our bug megathreads. That way it's really easy for us to see and ask you for further information such as reproduction steps or to acquire logs from you so we can fix it. Writing a thread called "Incompetence is ruining this game" is not the best way to report a bug which could be affecting a ton of people, let alone assist us in fixing it. Help us to help you :)

    As for the Mercs not being included in Ranked Season 4, it's no secret that we've been re-implementing our telemetry system which we use to look at all of the hard data of weapon etc. usage. In fact, a couple weeks back our Associate Creative Director Exedore posted this which hits the nail on the head for what you're

  • Re: "Balanced" my @ss

    Could be as @Lord_Coctus says you joined a match in progress which was only able to back-fill lower level players, or higher players joined and then left straight after. From looking at players' XP I imagine at least four people dropped out of that match and those spots were back-filled which then caused issues. Granted, having a selection of lower levels on the team isn't going to help, but to be fair, if a high level player joined that match they probably would have ducked out rather than staying, which just makes the match even worse.

    Not too sure what we can do fix resolve this issue. Hopefully it doesn't happen too much. As much as it's on us to improve the system (which is a top priority), responsibility also falls on our players to stay in and battle it out.

  • Re: About Guardian's Special Taunt 3

    It was being spammed so much D: It is a fun line (which is why we made it), but players used this to negative effect and complaints were made.

  • Daily Play Bonuses Fixed!

    Hey all,

    Daily Play Bonuses have now been fixed! Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this issue. Log in between now and Tuesday to get 5 Final Assault Equipment Cases free.

    • London (GMT, UTC): 12:00 Thursday, August 17th - 07:00 Thursday, August 22nd
    • Los Angeles (PDT): 04:00 Thursday, August 17th - 23:00 Thursday, August 21st
    • Sydney (AEDT): 21:00 Thursday, August 17th - 16:00 Thursday, August 22nd