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  • Upcoming Merc Pricing Changes

    Next week, we're releasing an update that includes the reworked Dome.

    In this update, launching on August 22, we're also making some big changes to the cost of Mercs in the Store.

    Smaller Steps

    We launched on Steam in 2015 with 12 Mercs split into two price tiers. Since then, we've almost doubled the number of playable Mercs in the game, all releasing at the higher price point.

    Over the years, many newer players have felt that most Mercs seem unattainable; Once the 'cheap' Mercs have been purchased, the jump to the next price point felt too steep. Some of the cheaper and less team-focused Mercs (we're looking at you, Vassili), have also been bought by newer players to the detriment of their teams. To improve this, we're introducing a five-tiered price point system for the Mercs.

    Five Tiers of Frags

    From the 22nd of August, we'll be breaking down Mercs into the following tiers:

    50,000 C / US$9.99 45,000 C / US$8.99 40,000 C / US$7.99 35,000 C / US$6.99 30,000 C / US$5.99 Free
    Turtle Nader Phoenix Arty Bushwhacker Skyhammer
    Kira Proxy Fragger Fletcher Sawbonez Aura
    Vassili Stoker Aimee Thunder Rhino
    Phantom Redeye Sparks

    These tiers are based on a number of factors, including general difficulty and how long they've been in the game.

    Alongside these changes, we'll be updating our Steam DLC bundles to suit, and replacing the existing in-store bundles to the following:

    Store Bundles

    Veterans Bundle - US$19.99 (save 50%)

    • 5 x Mercs (Sawbonez. Arty, Proxy, Rhino, Aimee)
    • 10 x Golden Equipment Cases
    • 1 x 6 Hour Booster

    Strikeforce Bundle - US$29.99 (save 50%)

    • 5 x Mercs (Fragger, Fletcher, Kira, Phoenix, Redeye)
    • 10 x Golden Equipment Cases
    • 2 x Elite Cases
    • 1 x 12 Hour Booster
    • 10,000 Credits

    Firestorm Bundle - US$29.99 (save 50%)

    • 5 x Mercs (Thunder, Vassili, Sparks, Nader, Stoker)
    • 10 x Golden Equipment Cases
    • 2 x Elite Cases
    • 1 x 12 Hour Booster
    • 10,000 Credits

    If you want to get in early and purchase a Merc that will raise in price, or one of the many that will get cheaper (hey, we're not ones to judge if you like spending money!), you have until August 22.

  • The End of Execution - 22nd August, 2017

    Hey all!

    Many of you know the story of Dirty Bomb: After spending a decade perfecting fast paced, objective based shooters in other publishers' universes, we here at Splash Damage wanted to go it alone - To create a spiritual successor to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory with a modern spin, for ourselves and for our fans.

    We hoped and trusted that our fans would spread the word, and that the joy of playing together in maps that opened up over the course of a single match would capture a whole new audience. Objective and Stopwatch modes have always been our bread and butter, the ultimate realization of what makes a Splash Damage game great.

    In October 2015, we introduced a game mode: Execution. To compete against other titles, we wanted a game mode that would make transitioning to Dirty Bomb fluid. We hoped that players would feel comfortable in Execution, but then see the light and join the fun in Objective matches.

    We've spent the last two years supporting Execution, adding a new map last year and including in-game bonuses for playing the mode. But numbers don't lie, and the truth is that only 5% of players' time in-game are spent in Execution mode.

    We've realized that we should be concentrating on what makes Dirty Bomb unique. We know many of you still enjoy Execution, and so it's with a heavy heart that we've decided to remove the game mode from Dirty Bomb. Moving forward, we'll be focusing on the core experience of the game, making Objective and Stopwatch the most fun you can have with a keyboard and mouse. That's not to say we're closing the door on future game modes, but you can be sure that any we consider adding will play to the fast-paced strengths of the game.

    We're not worried about introducing others to Dirty Bomb; Now that we have the game back, we're staffing up the team and will be adding more content than ever. We're comfortable with the fast-paced, high skill ceiling, objective-based shooter that it is, and trust that with your help, more and more players will discover how much fun it can be. In fact... We have another major update coming in the next two weeks!

    Execution will be in the game until the 22nd of August. To round it off with a bang, we're taking things back to where they all began with updated Second Edition Containment War in the Final Assault Event.


  • Re: Fine Tuning Update Release Notes - 27th July, 2017

    @n-x said:
    Where is the fine tuning in this "Fine Tuning Update"?

    Bug fixes are fine tuning. You should be seeing a bit of a balance pass in August

  • Re: The Shell Shock Update

    @XP_Expert said:

    A later update. Need to see how Turtle performs with everything else before we make changes.

  • Re: Scheduled Maintenance and Release Notes - 28th June, 2017

    I could have sworn it was July...