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  • Re: Community Market

    Steam Community Market has been discussed, it's not just as simple as turning it on however. There's a huge amount of items which need to be taken into consideration before taking that step. We know that market/trading functionality is a desired feature within the community, but currently there are so many other features/bugs/content which need to be done before we can start to actively work on it.

    Thanks for the post! It's always nice to see well thought out ideas.

  • Re: Feedback: New feature for Ranked

    Ahh ok. I missed the bit about your team. In that case what I said works in completely the other way. Anyone you deem not good enough to play with you could be blacklisted, leaving you left to play with only people better than you, essentially meaning you can forcibly get yourself carried. Until those higher players blacklist you for not being at their level.

  • Jackal's Eve Event Improvements

    Hey all,

    We're always looking to fine-tune our events to make them as enjoyable as possible! After your feedback, we've tweaked some bits and pieces in The Jackal's Eve Event to improve it. Check out the changes below:

    • Increased the base Shriek earn rate in matches by 50%.

      • This means that if you earned 70 Shrieks at the end of a match, you would now earn 105.
      • This increase also stacks with the Jackal Lantern Trinket
    • Jackal's Eve Equipment Cases are now purchasable with Credits, in addition to Shrieks.

      • Equipment Cases still cost 600 Shrieks, but can also be purchased directly for 1000 Credits

    Players who have already spent Credits on Shriek Bundles (and then purchased Jackal's Eve Equipment Cases with those Shrieks) will be compensated with the extra Jackal's Eve Equipment Cases they would have received if they directly purchased them for 1,000 Credits each.

    Thank you for all of your feedback on the event so far!


  • Re: About Guardian's Special Taunt 3

    It was being spammed so much D: It is a fun line (which is why we made it), but players used this to negative effect and complaints were made.

  • Re: Feedback: New feature for Ranked

    @emjot Other games have tried to introduce a system like this in the past and sadly they haven't gone down well. In theory they work great, but in practice, players blacklist players they deem to be too good to play against or are cheating. Sooner or later the top players are mostly blacklisted and find it incredibly hard to find matches. Rinse and repeat and after a month or two the feature gets removed.

    Trolling is a difficult issue to resolve. Why can't people just not be dicks? I mean, it's our bloody catchphrase as well.