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  • Re: Shuffling Teams in Server Browser Matches

    @DarkangelUK Maybe the solution would be then to get rid of team swapping all together. As a level 100+ that gets put against teams of competent people yet put alongside people with less than 50hrs (in the same game i might add) the spot on the other team looks really, really appetizing. And it takes a lot to suck it up, fight without a decent medic and engineer, and suck up the loss while hoping that someone on your team leaves and is replaced by a player that can hold their own.

    Most of the time i suck up the loss, but sometimes when my entire team composes of all less than level 10s while fighting against a team of 50's and 60's, i just cant resist (nowadays i just leave the server and try to find a balanced match or, god forbid, use the casual matchmaking server that is just as imbalanced).

    Along with getting rid of team swapping, maybe create servers that have min as well as max levels, for example have max level 5, max level 10, max level 20, min 21 max 40, min 41 max 60, min 61 max 100. At last it will create some semblance of a team fight, not just a few gods on each team fighting alongside a bunch minions who don't know repair stacking doesn't work.

    EDIT: And i voted for the wrong option, id rather pre match shuffle not post

  • Re: Jackal's Eve Event Improvements

    @stayfreshshoe I spent 100,000 credits on shrieks which landed me 10 equipment cases (when it could have landed me 100). Does this mean I am owed 90 cases?

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