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  • Re: The Primary Issue With Phantom

    @XSheepieX said:
    I hope they have more changes to show us. Though I hope they don't butcher his current playstyle.

    I mean... I never saw the EMP as the major issue.

    It is really important for us to make sure that current Phantom players still enjoy playing him. The reason why we do want to rework him is that we want to move him slightly into a more team orientated assassin that is hard to spot, not frustrating to play against and has high gameplay impact.

    If you are interested in more details regarding the "Why" I might be able to share some statistics and comments together with detailed thoughts on why we do the changes.

  • Re: The Primary Issue With Phantom

    I have posted some details on reddit. We will share more in the upcoming weeks.

    • Phantom`s Cloak and EMP are not separated but the EMP can be triggered manually
    • Phantom`s EMP will change from a constant aura to an EMP Pulse
    • Disabled deployable are highlighted for team mates.
  • Re: The Forgotten Mercs

    @Da_Mummy said:
    How about giving Thunder his EMP back. Remove the stun and making the blinding stronger or at least more practical. You can literally throw it at someone's face and still be killed by him instantly because he can technically still fight. Give the conc more of a team support role because as of right now it's just outclassed by the Pinaple in every situation. Like why would you choose a grenade that only stuns enemys for a very short time and still have to kill them manually with your gun over a grenade that will do all the killing foryou and is even cookable and more reliable.

    You are not that far away from what we thought about. An idea was to really put Thunder into the defensive tank direction by removing his grenade and give him some kind of an EMP deployable.

    This would help defending choke points and it fits with having someone with a bomb defuse armour. It`s just an idea but we know that his current grenade is simply frustrating to play against and boring to play.

  • Re: The Primary Issue With Phantom

    We are aware of issues with Phantom and will address them with a rework soon.

    We will share more information on that once we are ready to talk about it.