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  • Re: The Forgotten Mercs

    @Da_Mummy said:
    How about giving Thunder his EMP back. Remove the stun and making the blinding stronger or at least more practical. You can literally throw it at someone's face and still be killed by him instantly because he can technically still fight. Give the conc more of a team support role because as of right now it's just outclassed by the Pinaple in every situation. Like why would you choose a grenade that only stuns enemys for a very short time and still have to kill them manually with your gun over a grenade that will do all the killing foryou and is even cookable and more reliable.

    You are not that far away from what we thought about. An idea was to really put Thunder into the defensive tank direction by removing his grenade and give him some kind of an EMP deployable.

    This would help defending choke points and it fits with having someone with a bomb defuse armour. It`s just an idea but we know that his current grenade is simply frustrating to play against and boring to play.

  • Re: Did we forget Bushwhacker after all this time?

    We have buffed Bushwhacker when Turtle got released and think he is in a good spot at the moment.

    Something we thought about and might do in the future is allowing him to rotate his turret but that`s nothing that would come soon. We are right now focusing on getting the Hunter/Phantom update done.

  • Re: Possible next gun?

    Hunters new Primary Weapon will be a Machine Pistol. What comes afterwards hasnt been decided yet but it will definitely be no Assault Rifle or Machine Pistol.

  • Re: The Forgotten Mercs

    @Da_Mummy said:
    That might just be his weapon selection, because those are everything but beginner friendly. And you can't kill people with his ability so a lot of people call him boring just because not everybody can be a fragger in this game.

    I think it is a combination of everything. The abilities, the weapons and the general playstyle. Like with Phantom we do not want him to lose his identity but rather improve his weak areas.

  • Re: Better delete the Grandeur than let it like that

    We will tweak the Grandeur in the next update and up the damage slightly