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  • Winter event cheer is a grind!

    With so many event cases and reward trinkets etc, how are we supposed to get all that with just cheer collecting.
    I get you want us to pay, but no ones stupid enough to buy all the contents with money. the skin cases can be bought or with cheer but once again its random rng!
    Do you guys just want to play the lotto game this Christmas just like EA's been doing with BF2!

    lets see... after playing many hours of 'casual objective' games, i've realised I collect anywhere from 50-90~ cheer depending on how long the game is.

    A full 15min causal objective natted me 89 cheer at one time (lets just say 90 cheer)!

    so if you just played causal objective games (not stopwatch)

    a weapon case (skins) costing 2500.
    so...2500/90=27.7 games lasting 15min long each.
    so...27.7x15min=415min/60min=6.9 hours of grind for one case.

    a 3500 cheer winter event case (100% all mercs)
    so...3500/90=38.8 (lets say 39~) games
    so...39x15min=585/60min=9.75 hours for one case.

    a 4500 cheer weapons case (100% all weapons) unlocked winter weapon case
    so...4500/90=50 games
    so...50x15min=750min/60min=12.5 hours for one case.

    a this point, I'de prob just go for elite cases at they only cost 2000 cheer!

  • Re: Incompetence is ruining this game

    ...mean look at the jack-arses defending Dirty Bomb instead of agreeing with some of the points made!! lol
    this game will forever be in broken ars BETA!!

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  • Re: Introducing The Down and Dirty Pack!

    FireWorks wrote: »
    They are awesome! Please, make sure the right people are hyped about them. The last flash sale for -75% on steam didnt seem to get the attention it would have deserved. :)

    Luckily I did managed to catch the last sale on steam and was well worth it. So glad! B)
    You guys have finally update the elite case a/b in the pack, nice!
    I'de like to see a pack that includes the NEW/RECENTLY RELEASED mercs only, that'de be AWESOME!