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  • Re: New Cases Have No Cobalt Cards

    @Sorotia said:

    @Nail said:
    you can still get them from weekly drops, and thems super slim chances

    Like it wasn't super slim to get them from any other case? lol

    it's SD way of saying you want cabolt...PAY UP!

  • Re: Fix your garbage 'ranked'

    @Nail said:
    Dirty Bomb NEEDS people to play ranked and LOTS, the more we play the better CMM will get, this must be obvious to everyone. It's not the best of worlds but I don't really see anything better right now, the price is right, especially compared to EA

    I get what your saying but I don't think DB is doing anything worth while to attract new players. all the content update is great but if new players can't grasp this game in less than 5-10 hours, they will never stay on.

    three things maybe stopping new players from staying ...
    1. punishing crafting system that forces players to grind for hours before you can craft anything
    2. equipment cases rewarding nothing but junk (most times)
    3. premium skins (gold/cabolt/special) locked under rng with extremely low chance of getting what you REALLY WANT!

    I've tried to get my friends on this game but they hate the rng. They liked the gold/cabolt skins but you can't pay for them straight forward, so why pay £30 or so and take a 5% chance on a cabolt skin.

    All I'm saying is DB should ease up on the rng and come up with a balance that at least guarantees (x) number of gold or cabolt skin if your paying for cases or something.

    I love playing this game, trust me I have just over 1400 hours now (lol) but the rng always puts me off the elite cases and don't buy them.

  • Re: The Future of Equipment Cases

    @Mc1412013 said:

    @Lord_Coctus said:
    I don't think DB would be considered gambling since you aren't using real currency.

    Enless u purchase elite cases

    yes and those elite cases are pretty much loot boxes you open for a random card, pretty mach gambling to me.

    We can't deny DB is pretty much build on rng/loot system, no matter how much fans @$!# about rng, the devs them self admit removing rng would be a detriment to the core game!

    I for one hope EA get @$!# in the ars with law suits, so not just Battlefront2 but all other games can't use rng/loot to force gamers into spending more money than they should.

  • Re: Balance patch note is here !

    Can you please elaborate on what you exactly mean by...

    "Added acceleration phase for Javelin's rocket"

    After playing few rounds with her, her rocket travel speed feels extremely sluggish in ‘standard‘ mode. If I'm correct the rocket now travels slower when shot and gradually speeds to max at target point.

    All I can say is this is yet another disappointing addition to javelin nerf. You've already nerfed her damage gib shotting noobs (fine with that), her ammo regeneration also went to shiit is the last update (not fine), on top you added 1sec delay to shoot so you now have to pre-fire then aim fast as possible or you're most likely to kill yourself.

    And please stop emphasising the use of ‘guided’ mode, it's even worse than standard mode with slower travel speed and a bright light that pops up soon as you begin to fire, letting your enemy know your exact intentions lol, so no thanks!

    Furthermore her ammo replenish is still pretty bad (needs fix), also her machine gun's reload speed is painfully slow. Suggestion; high rpm gun / slow reload or low rpm gun / fast reload. (don’t mean too fast, just fair and balanced :D)

    and now this update is only taking another piss!! so please stop ruining you're new mercs!! p.s. I like playing Javelin!

    Apology for any typo.

  • Re: Trinket Hunt Compensation