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  • Re: Balance is still poor. Hiding levels in Casual MatchMaking doesnt hide this fact

    More threads that are nothing but complaining with solutions that are just rewinding the game back before anything was changed.

    Quit if you don't like the game.

    "Only queue players that are close to the same level"

    They did that, queues were about 30 minutes long on average

    "Shuffle 10 players around until teams are even"

    That defeats the purpose of queuing on a team with your friends, the intent of CMM

    "Use only the same proportion of high and low levels on a team"

    So when they have 6 level 50+ and 3 level 19 and 3 level 4 in queue, where does the low levels go? 50 50 50 19 4 4 vs 50 50 50 19 19 4 makes people go "LOOK AT HOW IMBALANCED THIS GAME WAS IT WAS JUST 6v4 AND WE GOT REKT STUPID SD"

    Or you just force the newbs to wait for a match? What about when there's 7 under L10, 3 Over L30, and 2 under L20, do you just force everyone to wait until more people join? People whine about high queue times instead.

    Offer actual solutions, like @watsyurdeal does. Tell @Nail he just panders to SD all you want, at least he's contributing to the community, unlike your commonly whiny unhelpful threads.

  • Re: Standard forums post, ranting about ranked

    Something something something but why would you ever make ranked based on personal skill something something team game something something something something more complaints about wins and losses in ranked something why would anyone play ranked etc etc etc etc