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  • Re: What language do you learn?

    @Da_Mummy said:

    But honestly I'd love to learn russian.

    There are only a few things you need to know:

    Хуй (@$!#) is the most useful and versatile word in existence, and literally means @$!#, but can be declined or conjugated or turned into an adjective with all manner of suffixes, prefixes, and context.

    Ебал (ebal) means @$!# (@$!# you)

    Нахуй (nahui) means to continuously @$!# (with a @$!#)

    Иди нахуй (idi nahui) Means Go (in the form implying "you" the person you're talking to) to continuously @$!# with a @$!#. AKA Go @$!# yourself. You can spam this to any shittalking russian and sound fluent in the language

    Шлюха (shlyuha) is a @$!#, the most used insult next to хуй

    Сука (@$!#) also means @$!#. There's also like.. 10000 words for @$!#

    Блеать (blyat) has many spellings but it's mostly an offensive exclamation and not really an insult to another person

    Твою мать (tvoyu mat') Means your (IN THE INFORMAL) mother i.e. @$!# your mother

    And if you want to be a pro, memorize this:

    Пошел нахуй даун ебанный, ебал твою, блять, семью пидроасов СУКА БЛЯТЬ!

    Poshel nahui da'oon ebanniy ebal tvoyu blyat sem-yu pidroasov @$!# BLYAT

    You can already see some things coming out in this marvelous sentence where you proclaim to your shitlords that @$!# him he's a @$!#, you @$!# his (implied) mother, and you also @$!# his entire @$!# family. Then you just shout obscenities.

    If you think I'm even remotely far off from how russians speak to each other, then I challenge you to research more on Russians

    The last word you need is Пиздец (pizdets) which literally means something about female genitals, but used to proclaim that everything is @$!#.

    Congratulations, you're now fluent


  • Re: Preview of the View-Kick Changes Coming Next Week

    @Melinder said:
    You're delusional if you think for a second that would result in a different outcome. Express your displeasure, and be on your way, because offering constructive feedback has never gotten anyone anywhere.

    Of all the delusional people on this forum

    I can assure you that he would look like less of an @$!# with constructive criticism and would've had the same level of effectiveness. Which I do believe was my claim.

    @bgyoshi said:

    It gets the same point across

    It has the same level of effectiveness, check

    and doesn't make you look like a gobbledeguk fuckwit,

    He WOULD look like less of an @$!#, check

    and broadens community help with positive criticism.

    Which does not mean "makes the devs listen to you more" nor "has a stronger impact on the devs."

    @GatoCommodore said:

    im more impressed on how did you bypassed the bad words censor

    Apparently I found a word that they haven't listed for censorship. I imagine this forum works like all the other ones where mods/admins have a page that lists words for auto-replace. You put in a substitute word and then a list of words that are substituted, and I guess they didn't think of that one.

  • Re: Is Phantom a female?

    @Mr.Cuddlesworth said:
    You have bad ears. Or be around a lot of deep throated women. Phantom does not sound feminine at all.

    deep throated women

    deep throated women


    @$!# reported for NSFW content

  • Re: Preview of the View-Kick Changes Coming Next Week

    @nokiII said:
    The change doesn't adress the problem with aimpunch at all.
    i.e. the violent screen shaking which looks really jarring and disruptive (that'll be even worse now), it being more effective close range while being touted as a sniper counter and the general stacking of rng mechanics which amplify each other to the point of unfun gunplay.

    • Devs fix something they never addressed before
    • Complain it's not good enough
    • Imply the change does nothing to the game
    • Refuse to acknowledge dev work

    It would've been easier to say "One down, many more to go. Could you please address the violent screen shaking and general stacking of rng mechanics that amplify each other to the point of unfun gameplay too? I hope this is coming in the future. Thanks!"

    It gets the same point across and doesn't make you look like a gobbledeguk fuckwit, and broadens community help with positive criticism.

    Personally, I'm extra happy to hear the devs are making changes and now have a good telemetry system so they can properly address these issues.

    Keep up the good work devs!

  • Re: I think I figured it out (not clickbait)

    I thought you said this wasn't clickbait