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  • Re: What language do you learn?

    @AlbinMatt said:
    I have been trying to learn German
    Some troll friend told me it was easy because English was Germanic in nature. Now some of my teachers think I actually understand it, despite me not even knowing how to pronounce umlauts, let alone construct a grammatically correct sentence that won't send a Bavarian in a hissy fit.

    a - aw (like tAll)
    ä - ay (like sAY)

    o - oh (like phOne)
    ö - ur (like fURther)

    u - oo (like fOOd)
    ü - ue (like grUEl. Tür = TUER)

    Grammar is mostly identical to english with some small changes sometimes, like keine negating a noun or negating a sentence depending on where you put it. Most of the time you can just build the sentence identical to english and get away with it.

  • Re: Preview of the View-Kick Changes Coming Next Week

    @nokiII said:
    The change doesn't adress the problem with aimpunch at all.
    i.e. the violent screen shaking which looks really jarring and disruptive (that'll be even worse now), it being more effective close range while being touted as a sniper counter and the general stacking of rng mechanics which amplify each other to the point of unfun gunplay.

    • Devs fix something they never addressed before
    • Complain it's not good enough
    • Imply the change does nothing to the game
    • Refuse to acknowledge dev work

    It would've been easier to say "One down, many more to go. Could you please address the violent screen shaking and general stacking of rng mechanics that amplify each other to the point of unfun gameplay too? I hope this is coming in the future. Thanks!"

    It gets the same point across and doesn't make you look like a gobbledeguk fuckwit, and broadens community help with positive criticism.

    Personally, I'm extra happy to hear the devs are making changes and now have a good telemetry system so they can properly address these issues.

    Keep up the good work devs!

  • Re: Better delete the Grandeur than let it like that

    It was pretty bad before too

    But remember they're balancing this stuff for pro 5v5 so they're assuming the majority of shots are headshots anyway

  • Re: The Unwritten Rules of Dirty Bomb

    Joke's on you

    The unwritten rules are now written rules.

  • Re: Why Jackal of all K9?

    @GatoCommodore said:
    I thought Anubis is a dog?

    Technically he's an egyptian golden wolf, but jackal is a more direct translation and was what the egyptians called those creatures. Modern day gene testing showed it's closer to a wolf, but he's still referred to as a jackal.