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  • Re: Legacy servers in response to incompetence

    Jesus I've never seen more salt over someone's OP busted off the rails 100% pickrate merc main being nerfed to being actually vulnerable before.

    Devs have said "We don't want any class outperforming all others."

    Devs have said "We don't want hard counters."

    Devs have said "5v5 is the dream format for Ranked." (I personally have been shouting for 6v6 Ranked since my first forum post ever, it's not gonna happen)

    Devs have said "We will balance with telemetry and player input."

    Devs have said "Execution is gone."

    Devs have said "We'll look into custom servers after release."

    If you don't like it then this isn't the game for you. They aren't going to make Legacy servers because you liked the Fragger/Aura/(Aura/Sawbones)/Fletcher/Rando meta. They don't want that. They want Assault/Medic/Medic/Engineer/Rando, with no specific merc fitting that role better than the others on every map. They want an organic game with shifting mercs, where pick rates are mostly even at the top level and mostly based on primary weapon instead of performance power. They want the skill in the player, not the merc, and Fragger is 100% a handicap-giving kill machine with a free double or triple every 15 seconds with no drawback.

    Sorry dude.

  • Re: Gen 3 loadout cards - Why?

    @Eox said:

    Ban >:(


    Everyone's nightmare!

  • Re: I think I figured it out (not clickbait)

    I thought you said this wasn't clickbait

  • Re: Unpopular Dirty Bomb Opinions!

    @TheStrangerous said:
    Powerful magnums are superior to sniper rifles in every way.

    I'd love to see an accurate magnum shot out to 1000 yards

  • Re: Preview of the View-Kick Changes Coming Next Week

    @nokiII said:
    The change doesn't adress the problem with aimpunch at all.
    i.e. the violent screen shaking which looks really jarring and disruptive (that'll be even worse now), it being more effective close range while being touted as a sniper counter and the general stacking of rng mechanics which amplify each other to the point of unfun gunplay.

    • Devs fix something they never addressed before
    • Complain it's not good enough
    • Imply the change does nothing to the game
    • Refuse to acknowledge dev work

    It would've been easier to say "One down, many more to go. Could you please address the violent screen shaking and general stacking of rng mechanics that amplify each other to the point of unfun gameplay too? I hope this is coming in the future. Thanks!"

    It gets the same point across and doesn't make you look like a gobbledeguk fuckwit, and broadens community help with positive criticism.

    Personally, I'm extra happy to hear the devs are making changes and now have a good telemetry system so they can properly address these issues.

    Keep up the good work devs!