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  • The Future of Equipment Cases

    Due to what could only be described as the unmitigated disaster of lootboxes in Battlefront 2, authorities are now looking into determining if lootboxes are gambling. Some countries have already decided that they, and there have been many official callouts against Battlefront 2.

    Now I know that Battlefront 2 is paid title, whereas Dirty Bomb is free to play, but I feel like it begs the question of what the future of monetization could be in Dirty Bomb if loot Boxes are considered to be gambling in the US and EU.

  • Re: The Future of Equipment Cases

    yeah SWBF2 had a terrible system, and it is not really purely cosmetic since you get different weapons/augments through different loadout cards, and yes you can just get them in the store, so I don't really know how much of a debate is there. Also it is true that the elite cases are more cosmetic based.

    The point I am trying to get at though is that real world agencies are looking at lootboxes in games to consider whether they are considered gambling or not, regardless of the contents. Because if they are considered to be gambling then that could bring a whole new set of rules into the system.

  • Re: SNITCH is too easy...

    What a wild ride this thread has been.
  • Re: Is there upcoming special loadouts case?

    I thought there was supposed to be a second humble bundle thing that was supposed to happen
  • Re: Completely random thought about ev.

    "Dirty Bomb’s omnipresent EV, a small automated recovery vehicle I designed for the game quite some time ago, to follow a list of interesting requirements. I had to be relatively small, self driving, but still have a MG platform on the pack, carry a rocket launcher of some description and be able to extract and keep protected valuable items or personnel."