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    Yeah its just a shame that you have this pretty decent game here, that could be so much better, but whenever anything new happens its always more rng boxes. So instead of having these cool new things they come out with, its "oh look more boxes I have to grind for or spend a crapton of money on to get what I want"

    It couldn't be that big of a hit to db's income right? ITs just frustrating because I want to support the game, but I am not going to support these anti-consumer practices anymore. I put money into event boxes before, and I am not doing that again.

  • Re: Discusion of Posssibility of return of execution after rework confirmed by sd???

    There really just needed to be less down time in execution. Titanfall 2 has live fire which is the same concept of no respawns but there is also a flag to hold instead of an objective to blowup. But the rounds last about a minute and dont have the "long" pauses in between rounds, not to mention the amount of rounds needed to win is much less than execution.

    Also terminal and underground feel like strange choices for reworks. Bridge is in a far more desperate need for a rework than any other map in my opinion.


    I was interested in the weapons up until they said they were in boxes. I don't know why they wouldn't let us just buy the weapon skins that you want.

  • Re: Balance patch note is here !

    Oh no not the Sparks balance debate. I have been away from this game for a year, yet here it still is.

    First off she has the weakest healing, with the only benefit of it being instant. However, unless you have good aim with medpacks, or are playing ranked where you can just shoot people to get them back up with more health, then you end up having to chase people to heal them.

    Secondly, unless you have unshakeable you pretty much instantly die from any explosives.

    Not to mention that she doesn't have a primary weapon, and only two secondaries. So that you really do need to stick to longer distances and get really good with the rev gun. Unless of course you are really good at jumpy Sparks and have chopper as well as good aim with a cricket bat.

    The rev gun takes a lot of practice to learn how to aim well. I mean when you ADS when charging the gun shakes. Although Sparks armour is speed so you really need to be good at aiming from the hip.

    All in all, I think she is fine. Sparks just takes a lot of time to get good with. Its tough to balance a character that can dominate when in the hands of an experienced player, but be difficult to pick up. Besides, after her release, she had been nerfed on pretty much every balance update.

  • Re: Not a Rant, a reminder

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    OW just has more people so there will be much less of a skill gap, and the matchmaking works because it has so many people playing it.

    If you look at say, Dreadnought for instance, that game has so many issues similar to DB it is actually amazing. Which most of their problems are linked to having a smaller player base.