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  • Re: Legacy servers in response to incompetence

    @Eox said:
    Fragger wasn't nerfed for being overused : he was nerfed because telemetry system showed him outperforming everyone else. However, this can explained simply by the fact that he is a very popular pick among the best players in the community. While Proxy is widely played by casual players, Fragger is a favourite pick among scrimmers and competitive players (I'm not talking about Ranked, aka "glorified pubs", here). No wonder why his telemetry is going through the roof.

    Nerfing Fragger is a debatable move. I am myself thinking that this nerf is very likely undeserved. Nobody complained about Fragger being a core pick as far as I can recall (I mean, somebody gotta be that core pick, right ?). There's maybe still people around complaining about that unavoidable frag nade, but it's usually predictable to be honest (Fragger retreating behind a corner/not shooting very likely means that you will eat a pineapple up your ass, so you must retreat).

    However that Fragger nerf can open some interesting meta shift that could be pleasent to see. That change is not definitive for sure, and to be honest I can clearly see SD reverting that nerf after a few weeks. Not everything is dark here.

    I can't spam the agree/like button more towards the substance of what you said because this is actually the reason Sparks is outperforming. The people that pick her are abundantly good with her and have been for a while. Also, the changes to her medpacks to discourage selfish Sparks healing isn't going to change squat. You want to stop selfish Sparks, then you make it so she has a third ability to heal herself back to full instantly/over time like other mercs, and make her packs useless for herself. That's how you do it. You don't keep nerfing the healing she gives herself. That only means it takes more packs to heal her to full. You instead put a limit on the healing she can give herself in a set time frame and separate it from the healing she gives other players.

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  • Re: The Forgotten Mercs

    My guess is Either Redeye or Aimee are least played. They're likely not as picked by beginners, and even during Redeye free rotation there weren't as many clouds as I remember. It doesn't help that Redeye cloud is just dumb as a skill.

    Also, a good Aimee is the most frightening thing I've ever seen in DB. Be careful if you choose to balance her SD.

  • Future Loadout Card System - Hinted by Shoe

    This post was made because a lot of the Dirty Bomb users I've come across are not the greatest at inferring things from the videos and statements made by Splash Damage. Some of this post IS speculation otherwise known as POSSIBLY wishful thinking. Feel free to share this post in reference to the upcoming news to our fellow players. With all that in mind let's dig in.

    In the most recent announcement, which is only reveal part 1 of the next five weeks for Dirty Bomb, Shoe said the following about only having ONE Obsidian loadout for Aimee:

    (in reference to upcoming Femme Fatale Aimee covert ops Obsidian loadout) "When this hits the store you'll be able to pick up the P81 Enhanced Sniper loadout card, featuring the PDP, Selbstadt .40, and Beckhill...

    There's only one Obsidian Loadout Operative available this time round, as we have greater plans for the Loadout Card System. Which would give you more flexibility and choice for your loadouts.

    ...BUT, more to come on that at a later time."

    This is a word-for-word copy of what Shoe said. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I believe this is something to actually be excited about. Why? Well It's important to first note that he said Loadout Card System. Not Merc Decks System. He also stated that the upcoming changes would give us (the players) more flexibility and choice for our loadouts.

    Now, this could mean a number of things, but I firmly believe this means that the mechanical side of loadout cards are getting a revamp! Specifically, augments and/or weapon choices are going to be changeable in the future for our Loadouts. And the skin itself of the loadout becomes the skin you will see on the base of the character. Such as you can equip that new obsidian Aimee, and her base skin will be applied. You can now select either weapons or a different loadout to ATTACH and use mechanically. You know, have a weapon besides the PDP, as in grandeur or FEL-9 in the case of Aimee. We'll be able to individually choose weapons themselves OR make our own loadouts to fit our play style.

    Personally, either road they choose to go down of the two above, attaching loadouts, or making your own loadouts, is a great huge step forward. But again, why?

    See, either of these changes allows players more freedom in having the skin they want, with the loadout they want more easily. I've been pushing for something like this for forever and I'm personally super freaking pumped that Splash Damage is FINALLY moving in this direction. It's about dang time. This ALSO fixes most of the problems with copies of old skins and cards. You will now be able to use that outdated gen 1 skin humble bundle Arty that looks super freaking tight with a gen 3 loadout. Best of all worlds.

    Pros -

    • Depending on the type of system, balancing may become a higher priority on the augment side of things. If they choose loadout card attachment style then this is a pro and won't take THAT much time. I think.
    • HUGE fix to many problems that plague DB in consumer choice.
    • More money spent on the weapon cosmetic avenue by players, and less time spent on making custom weapon skins for Obsidian and other loadouts during events. They now get to divide the two, so you have to get the weapon skin you want, and the player skin you want to have a full loadout. This IS a good thing depending on how SD approaches this.
    • It removes TONS of Rng.
    • Player freedom is going to be huge, and balance will be able to more easily fit cosmetic choices of players as well. Likely result in more players being happy with SD and retaining the game and spending more as well.


    • Depending on the type of system, balancing may become a higher priority on the augment side of things. If they choose the custom loadout route. However, this also means even further freedom.
    • Older players that spent money are gonna get/feel Jipped no matter how this system is incorporated in SOME way. I see no way around it if someone had 7 different Containment War Skin Arties unless they allow you to refund or trade those skins away on a market later. Or at least unattach the weapon skins so you can use them on other characters. Which would be EXCEPTIONAL AWESOMENESS AND POINTS OF APPROVAL TO SD IF DONE! However since they are a business I don't exactly see this coming. Also, BETA. However I personally feel this is a necessary change and applaud the choices SD makes if it fits what I'm believing I'm seeing.
    • Tons of resources and time will definitely be spent on implementing this successfully. Unless they've already completed it.
    • Depending on greed of implementation, this could end up killing Dirty Bomb.

    That last point looks a little funny, right? Open the spoiler for my reasoning:

    Well, I began this post talking about what I believe and HOPE Splash Damage chooses to do. If they decide to make levels worth something, and that you unlock augments as you go, or gate power behind a paywall, this will be the last kick DB needs to become a dumpster game. However, I don't think this is the case, as Splash Damage has so far in DB's lifetime NEVER gated power and skill, and it's against their very core beliefs. It just happens to still be a point that will make it up there and I felt like mentioning before someone else did.
    PS, that new Aimee is hawwwwwwwwt... My word...

    What are your guy's thoughts/hopes?

  • Re: The Primary Issue With Phantom

    @JJMAJR said:
    ...Competitive cries with the saddening but anticipated disappointment when a cloaked character just can't perform compared to an explosive, combat-oriented monster known as Fragger, Thunder, Soldier, Demoman...

    The list goes on.

    Well I mean it definitely does when you bring in different games. Otherwise there's just Fletcher, Nader and Javelin... Rhino isn't explosive, actually Thunder barely is...

  • Re: So what's the deal with the rhino spam?

    ... As far as I knew, Cheer is dependent on time played, not performance or amount of matches played. So the primary argument mentioned seems flawed, though I would have to say that DOES sound somewhat annoying.

    However, just get a group of Stokers to play, those Rhinos won't know what hit 'em. Well, they will because they'll be screaming in agony... IN AGONY.