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    @Mc1412013 said:

    @Ugo-gaming said:
    Pls. Dirty Bomb can you guys pls add contoller support with aim assist, all of the popular F2P games have it, the most popular FPS F2P game has it, and that game(Paladins) will lose players and you guys will gain players if you addd this. Pls add controller support pls!
    P.S add aim assist too! :)

    Um they already said most likely not gonna happen

    They said NEVER will happen as long as the game is restricted to PC. They will as far as I remember never divert resources to doing this.

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  • Re: Contoller Support!

    Oh the great and wonderful bandwagon argument. Everyone else is doing it can you guys do it too!? Please! No. Dirty Bomb as long as it's on PC will remain a mouse and keyboard game only. They also would never even think of adding aim assist. Aim assist is essentially soft aimbot and they're solidly against ANY software enabled competitive edge with the exception of customized configurations and VOIPS. Both of which they've also been clear up front what they entail.

  • Re: Why I think the new obsidians are a gut punch to supporters who bought the previous versions

    I just have to disagree with OP. Look, Splash Damage is moving in a hugely different direction with loadout cards, and I don't think you should be angered by the choice as it's a positive one for Dirty Bomb as a whole.

    Also, your argument seriously paints SD as milking their community, when in fact it's a great deal (the one on Steam). I think you're going to be very pleased by the upcoming changes in the next month and a half. Sometimes we have to take a little bit of trash to move forward, and our past spending we see as our investment for ourselves, rather than one for a company.

  • Re: New Dev Video: Goodbye 2017

    First? I call first. "But we're just getting started" Erm... It's December. ROFL
    Also, Hunter when? We were told before January, but this is a goodbye video saying that they'll see us next year...

  • Re: New Ask the Devs Video: December 19th

    @Mc1412013 said:
    Finaly femail oprative obsidian hope its kira based off that kids drawing

    I don't want a cultist Kira. Though I do want an Obsidian Kira.