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  • Re: Your best DirtyBomb Meme?

    @Mr.Cuddlesworth said:
    When a highly skilled player(like Bapman) joins the game

    Wait, Bapman is skilled? I thought he was just an Arty.
    PS, love the dedication of the guy in the red shirt. He's in it to win it.

  • Re: decisions, decisions....

    @ThePigVomit said:

    @Lord_Coctus said:
    Play a match, make sure you get less than 4k xp

    i could play sniper all night and not get 4k....this may work...

    Just don't toss that heartbeat sensor!

  • Re: Balance patch note is here !

    @K1X455 said:

    @Eox said:

    • Burst rifles and Dreiss were still too good at high level of play. Most of the Dreiss and Burst players were able to finish a fight extremely quick without the enemy being able to fight back due to their very low TTK. This was a recurrent complaint as well.

    ... Because the vets are overall much faster to react, aim much better and have a much better gamesense than casual gamers, some stuff can come out of PTS in a state that more average players can't handle correctly. This is pretty much the reason why Javelin came out in such an overpowered state for most players. This is the exact proof that balancing for players who are new or aren't that much good at the game is a strong necessity. This also shows that contrary to a sadly popular belief, SD does balance around the vets. Maybe a bit too much.

    I hope this post explained thing better.

    If the key point of balancing patches is to narrow the gap between top and low level players, there could be better ways than just nerf-nerf-nerf job.

    I personally sincerely absolutely hope that is NOT the purpose/key point of balancing patches. I would say if anything, that it's to rebalance the weapons and etc so that they are viable and balanced in as many scenarios as possible. If two absolute powerhouses in DB play against eachother, theoretically they should be able to kill eachother at any time with whatever gun has the higher dps. However, if a beast fights a sheep, that sheep should crash and burn, not get insta shotgun killed and cry. Personally it's almost like shotgun rof should be increased.

    The hope, though unobtainable, is that all weapons are balanced in all phases of a player's growth. That all of them have learning curves, and when you master the weapon, you can be on par in similar skill settings.

  • Re: The Lead And Iron Update – January 22nd

    I have yet to actually experience the update, but here are some of my thoughts:

    • The arsenal crate and daily login bonus changes seem underwhelming, and I would prefer credits over fragments I believe.
    • I don't think the shotgun changes were really necessary, but I'm glad to see their minimum range slightly increased.
    • I certainly am not understanding of the Machine pistol changes. One of the great things about DB was that you could reliably kill people with your pistol should you so choose. which leads me to my next point...
    • The Sparks changes about giving more hp to teammates is good, bringing her down to 25 a pop I think is a bit much of a hit... She has to spend over 10 seconds of her healing arsenal time just to heal herself 50hp now. With no other medics on the team this is just... painful to read. I get that she has a high survivability, but if that's your feeling then why not tone down her self healing, but DECREASE the cooldown of her packs? Seriously, by nerfing the Machine Pistols EVEN FURTHER, which btw, continues into her realm of having super weak secondaries. Sparks got hit HARD by this update. And just last update you reduced the damage of her Revivr already.
    • Changing speed values on mercs like Fragger and Thunder often ends up impacting player performance with them because of muscle memory. Give it time before you touch em again SD.
    • Seriously? 130hp change to Fragger? Well.... alright?
    • Why have you still not just decreased the time it takes Guardian to reach a max pulse charge?
    • I think the sniper changes are perfect. Can't wait to try them out.

    Something further, I have no idea why you guys are changing the high skill mercs and making them weaker. Specifically Sparks and Kira are frequently played by tryhards if you will because someone seriously talented has to be behind the mouse to get the most benefit out of them. By reducing almost every aspect of Sparks in the last two updates except for her speed, and reducing Kira's exp gain despite the fact that her laser is STILL BUGGED seriously irks me. Redeye is skilled among high level play, the same goes with all of the best balanced mercs.

  • Re: Your best DirtyBomb Meme?

    @BlackboltLW said:
    Pretty much


    (Thunder is not on the picture because he flashed himself and can't see where the McDonalds are)

    I'm laughing and I don't even understand why it's funny or what it's meaning to say.