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  • Re: Proxy literally existing

    Proxy is, like, literally Hitler.

  • Re: Discusion of Posssibility of return of execution after rework confirmed by sd???

    Please make this happen. I play this game far less now than when Exe was still around.

    @stayfreshshoe, some thoughts aloud for discussion here:

    Execution may not have been central to their vision of the game (which is fine), but why would it need to be in order to remain in the game? Many other games have fun and quirky deathmatch modes or customs while their primary draw is/was still the competitive and casual core. I think customs and rentable servers are definitely a step in the right direction for the longevity of this game and as I've suggested before, I think at the very least it'd be nice to be able to set the game mode to Execution when we're able to rent our own servers. The revenue generated from people purchasing these servers would help with any additional costs or complications that could arise from having to test future patches for these maps/modes as well as the general SW/OBJ regulars, would it not? As for tweaking it to be presumably more along the lines of an objective-based competitive mode, I'm drawing blanks here. I don't think anyone ever wanted it to be that. It had a close-knit community, it was leisurely and fun, those that wanted to hop around and play unconventionally could do so in this mode, it gave us a deathmatch 'fix' when we got burnt out of objectives and teammates, and it was the one mode where I felt we could truly showcase our loadouts and skins with the spectating and MVP prompts at the end of every round.

    Make it a fun mode on the side. New taunts and animations at the end of rounds, weapon restrictions or one merc selection per death, give us custom trinkets and skins that could be earned/purchased in this game mode, more achievements for participating, a destructible environment on some maps with similar one-life rules, etc. Anything. I feel like there are so many routes y'all could go with it that would make it exciting and active. I do not believe trying to align it with the rest of DB's gameplay and modes - especially in a ranked environment - would be the way to go with Execution.

    All I want for Christmas is Execution back. B) It can be a very late Christmas present, too! No rush!

  • Re: Gen 3 loadout cards - Why?

    @Lord_Coctus said:
    Sparps gets the zappy stick to fit her theme.

    Sparks will always be the original lightning momma medic. Guardian is a poser.

  • Re: Mouse Recommendations Please

    @Meerkats said:

    If you're one of those super low sensitivity players and thunk your @$!# around like a deranged madman

    Lol, guilty as charged... I've ripped so many items and mouse bungees off of my desk that I've lost count. It does get pretty fatiguing at times, but I can't aim to save my life on anything high or moderate.

    @Nail: I used to be the same way, but I guess as I got older I stopped caring about what's the best and more about whether I'm willing to support 'x' company and want my money going to them. Intel has some dirtbag market practices and I typically avoid going with Nvidia nowadays because I don't want them to gain a monopoly on an already limited field with inflated prices. Thankfully (and finally) I can buy some crap from the red team that isn't just a decision on principle. Ryzen delivered.

  • Re: English vs Castellano which is easier.

    If English and Spanish are equally different in structure and all that linguistic fun stuff, wouldn't it be just as hard for a native Spanish speaker to learn English as it would a native English speaker to learn Spanish? I don't know how else you could quantify this. They're fundamentally different and the few remaining similarities go back to when the Germanic and Roman people got a little freaky with one another. It all depends on what other languages one has experience with. If you were a native French or Portuguese speaker then it's safe to assume Spanish would be easier to learn than somethin' along the lines of English, German, or Swedish.

    Edit: Starting to wake up more and this topic is weighing on me more than it should. If I had to answer, I'd say it's easier for Spanish (or any other speaker for that matter) to learn English than the contrary due to the prevalence of English all over the world. There's no escaping the almighty English. But hey, at least they use the same alphabet. I still have problems trying to decipher Cyrillic text whenever my girlfriend teaches me anything in Russian/Ukrainian. Y'all have it easy, man. Cyrillic looks like what would happen if you sent a Chinese man to a planet with aliens and they attempted to communicate.