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  • Re: Discusion of Posssibility of return of execution after rework confirmed by sd???

    @Nail: Why wouldn't you (or anyone) want Execution to return? If people dislike it then that's fine, trash it all you'd like, but at the end of the day it's more content for the game. Content that won't make a return unless they've found a way to allocate new resources or adjust the mode without it taking anything away from the rest of the game. Considering they removed it once, I doubt the whole argument about them 'focusing on the wrong things' will stand. They simply won't bring it back for the sake of it. I'm not seeing any reason to oppose it and I'm certainly no clueless scrub. You're invited to a lobby with me if it does return. ;)

    There really were more veterans who enjoyed and frequented the mode in my experience than there were the casual, deathmatch types from CoD. Every US server had familiar faces of guys level 100+ and matches were fun and competitive. Maybe it wasn't everyone's thing as they referenced with the 5% of playing time being spent there, but it was a change of pace I needed and still want. I'm guessing I've spent about 2500 hours on this game by this point and used to play a couple hours of SW/OBJ a week when we weren't in a ranked season. Literally all of my time on DB aside from that was spent in Exe which I'd wager was another 8+ hours or so a week, but now I hardly touch the game. I play the Hell out of ranked until the season ends or I get the rank I want, toss in a couple extra casual games every now and then to stay sharp and then that's it. Log off. I'm sick of ranked-light and doing the same mode over and over. I want alternative modes to play on the side that are fun, regardless of whether that ends up being Execution again or not. I like @watsyurdeal's idea of a headquarters map control mode as well.

  • Re: Proxy literally existing

    Proxy is, like, literally Hitler.

  • Re: Gen 3 loadout cards - Why?

    @hurgya said:
    To distribute the new primaries

    Hopefully this and only this. Don't want to see anything extreme or too many new augments.

  • Re: For future seasons at the conclusion of ranked.

    Shouldn't be in ranked for cosmetics. People don't agree with me on this, but I stand by it. Those trinkets should represent highest rank attained and that alone. Would be cool to change the colors of them, I guess.

  • Re: Will you miss lead/iron cards?

    I'll miss how Thunder looked in iron, but that's about it. Give us default skin toggle in settings with augments, please. Long overdue.