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  • Re: Why people don't like Donald Trump ?

    The majority of politicians and walking suits aren't worth admiring or trusting. But to answer your question in the shortest way possible, people don't like Trump because America has become a nation of weak and impressionable morons. Hillary or Trump? What a wonderful selection. Here's to hoping we get Oprah against Jesse Ventura next election. Might as well embrace the ****show.

  • Re: Do you have plan B if gaming industry really falls apart.

    I would hardly even notice or care. Games are time killers to me now and probably my least significant hobby. Guess that's what happens when you start getting older. Yeah though, I wouldn't particularly care if the entire Internet infrastructure got shut down either. Plenty to do without it, and in many ways I honestly think I'd prefer it that way.

  • Re: Profile Image

    You need 25 or 50 points, I believe. Then you'll have an edit button on your profile page near your default picture to change it.

  • Re: Profile Image

    You earn badges and milestones for that, yeah, but most of your reputation will come from people liking, agreeing with, laughing at, or finding your posts insightful.

  • Re: Do we have too many forum sections here?

    @STARRYSOCK said:
    I remember seeing a page somewhere with all recent discussions instead of just categories a while ago and it was the best thing ever, but I haven't been able to find it. I think it was on mobile, you know how different it is from the main site after all.

    It is on mobile and I wish it was available for the main version as well.