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  • Re: Foreign idioms with informal translations

    Hmm. Can't think of too many phrases Americans use that other English speaking countries don't, but I'll go ahead and list some common terms a lot of folks use down South. Most of these will be pretty familiar to other Americans even if they're not from the South.

    Y'all = you all.
    Fixin' to = you want to do something.
    Buggy = shopping cart.
    Coke = any soda. A Pepsi is a coke, a Sprite is a coke, a Mountain Dew is a coke, etc. A waitress will ask you what you'd like to drink and you'll say coke. She'll ask you what kind and then you'll say Dr. Pepper or whatever.
    Yonder = any direction. 'Over yonder'. I mostly only hear older generations using this one still.
    Bless your heart = bless your heart. Gonna have a rough time figuring this one out if a lady at a grocery store tells you this and you aren't from around here.

    How about some universal American terms for being drunk?

    Tore up, hammered, trashed, wasted, gone, smashed. 'Prayin' to the porcelain god' means you're throwing up in a toilet from drinking too much.

    K, I'm drawing blanks here trying to think of some other ones. @$!#-hot means something good or skilled. 12-year-old girls and dudes who still live in their parent's basement smoking pot all day will use terms like lit and bruh. I'll add more later if I can think of some.

  • Memory is Weird...

    So, for no apparent reason I finally realized why sitting in the Dirty Bomb menu gives me strong nostalgia and a sense of deja vu. This is some trance-like, nostalgia aura wave engulfing my body and warming my blood nostalgia, dudes. I figured it out.

    The few seconds following the 1:30 mark on this here video:

    Compared to the few seconds following the 3:39 mark on this here video:

    Don't hear it? Shut up. Maybe it's not that similar, but somehow my brain recognized those noises and has been trying to piece them together. Such a relieving feeling to figure these things out. Okay, that is all. Late night announcement is over. G'night, heathens.

    Edit: Uh, why did these videos both embed 30 seconds before the point I told them to? I don't know how to work this sorcery. 1:30 on the DB video, 3:39 on the Gears video.

    Double Edit: Playing them both at the same time just might induce a seizure right now. I think I'll go to sleep with these both on repeat. Nostalgia wave grows stronger... I dig it.

  • Re: Repairing the EV on Bridge.

    Nothing new. I can launch myself nearly as high as the bridge over the EV on Nader if I time a shot right and have the collision box get all jacked up.

  • Re: Which female merc has the toughest rump?

    This thread deserves a thick butt-bump all the way to the top once more. I'm ashamed of this community for these poll results. I thought I knew y'all better than this. You're like cheaters who get fixated on the hot new girl in town, but after you've destroyed your marriage and become a depressed wreck of a person you start to reflect on a lot. You realize how wrong you were and how your wife was actually hotter all along - and now she's gone forever and will never acknowledge you again. What kind of man says no to a soft, round booty in favor of a rigid, muscular one that's stronger than your own? Real women are soft. Nader is a real woman.

    I fully accept and embrace my ban for bumping this.

  • Re: 4 much needed fixes!

    @Sorotia said:

    @Wintergreen said:

    @SnakekillerX said:
    Getting your team killed by friendly mines happens in pretty well every game with a proxy. It makes no sense, the only reason people seem to like it is because they hate proxy, and they like to get extra cheap kills.

    To me it makes perfect sense considering it's an explosive mine and I believe the devs stated it's the way they intended it to be in the first place. But I'll admit there's some merit to Sploosh's point that it's now an issue because FF was never the standard to begin with. The only reason people seem opposed to it now is because they aren't used to it, but overall I think the most balanced decision would be to leave it as it is now + enable both teams to be able to detonate it. If they wanna restrict it to ranked and CMM, so be it. I don't personally care because I'd be fine with FF always on in competitive games to begin with. This argument reminds me of ammo stations for a lot of reasons. It'd kinda be like not wanting your own ammo station to be able to be shot down or dispense ammo to the enemy team simply because it belongs to your team, but at the end of the day it's still an ammo station - at the end of the day a mine is still a mine and it's a passive not active ability.

    But how does it make sense that mines kill your team but you can walk right through friendly Stoker's fire, stand in a friendly airstike, or take a friendly javelin rocket up the behind and take no damage.

    It really should be a all or nothing kind of thing, I don't care how much people hate proxy (And I find the shotgun bunnyhoppers pretty annoying) but there is no reason why her mines are exempt from protection while every other kind of explosive device isn't.

    I think the distinction is a definitive action or 'activation'. Not sure how else to word this. Fire being on the ground, an airstrike falling on top of you, and so on are all effects from your own team that you've had nothing to do with. But shooting a mine, an enemy sticky bomb, or an enemy rocket as mentioned above is a clear action made. It's a counter. A more applicable example would be how we're able to distinguish enemy fire and smoke with a barrage of explosives which, again, is an active play or counter to their abilities and equipment. Should we not be able to do that either? Should we not be able to destroy enemy ammo stations or receive ammo from them? If the issue is entirely about it dealing damage back and essentially becoming a friendly mine - or restricting this change to ranked - then I think they'd have to change a lot of other similar examples I just listed. At the very least we should have the ability to disable it by shooting it but without the damage. Looking at it from this angle seems to align well with their statement about them now being the way they intended the mines to work.