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  • Re: Discusion of Posssibility of return of execution after rework confirmed by sd???

    @LifeupOmega said:
    Yeah I @$!# hated exe but I didn't care that it was in game. It was a joke of a gamemode but it did no harm in existing. It doesn't need updates or anything, the people who played it just played it and left the rest of us alone.

    It was the best mode in the world between ranked seasons... :'( Best time killer.

  • Re: Balance patch note is here !

    @neverplayseriou said:
    No I'm here to laugh at all the people on the forums that have @$!# all worth a clue about db.

    How can you have a clue about the game if you don't have it installed anymore? Nothing seems to satisfy you and that's what I've gathered from being here only a few months. It's not even a game you had to pay for. If your anger, sarcasm, and frustration is because you want the game to succeed like presumably all of us do, then it's not adding up because you regularly call this game trash and its playerbase clueless. Seems more like you just enjoy complaining. Just callin' it how it seems from an outside perspective. Do you even like Dirty Bomb?

  • Re: Merc Ethnicities

    @AlbinMatt said:

    @Brycko said:

    @Sefuh_FR said:
    DB have no merc from Maghreb or Middle-east have a second African merc would be great too.

    • Morocco?
    • Iran?
    • Pakistan?
    • South Africa?

    Aimee is actually originally from Morocco, hence the darker skin complexion as seen in her profile pic. I remembr being this a bit of trivia but I can't remember the exact source.

    That sounds like a political commentary on the current immigration laws in the EU.

    What laws? Oh, right, praise that old hag Merkel.

  • Re: Fix your garbage 'ranked'

    I got to cobalt over the weekend entirely as a solo player so this season must not be all that disastrous and broken. The balance has been reasonable for me. But to be fair, the ping issue should be their #1 priority even if it results in even longer queue times. A single player with over 300 ping can make the entire lobby feel like it's rubberbanding all over the place. I'd rather be stuck with a lower ranked teammate than someone with terrible connection.

  • Re: Unpopular Dirty Bomb Opinions!

    Cool thread. Glad it got resurrected. Here are some of mine:

    I like the SMG-9 despite it being considered bad.
    I also like the Blishlok for the same reason.
    I don't despise Splash Damage.
    I don't think this game is all that broken and imbalanced.
    I don't like Chapel, but I like(d) both Dome variants.
    I loved Execution and wish it was still here.
    I don't think bursts are stupidly OP - just need slight tweaks.
    I like Skyhammer more than Arty.
    Oh, and I don't think Nader looks like a butch @$!#.