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  • Re: Why I think the new obsidians are a gut punch to supporters who bought the previous versions

    Didn't have time to read every response in this thread so my bad if this has already been said. I disagree with the OP. I don't think it's a matter of SD intentionally choosing 'more powerful' cards now to render previous ones useless and milk in extra cash. Which, to me, isn't even true because any loadout can be pretty viable and there have been plenty of strong Obsidians released in the past that I still use today. BL21 Fletcher is amazing. I use it far more than BL33/32 or A31 depending on the map, etc. There are only 9 loadouts to choose from each merc, and with G3 loadouts around the corner, of course you can expect them to want to pump out a few more while they can and it's not like they've got a world of options to select from.

    I won't sit here and count 'em all up because it'd take too long, but I'd imagine some mercs only have 3 or 4 G2 loadouts they'd have left to select from anyway if you account for previous releases and ranked exclusive skins like the Fragger and Aura. Do you really think they deliberately sold 'bad' cards initially only to turn around and sell the super-duper OP ones at a later doubt? They're giving people what they want and I'm sure they've got entire teams looking at the analytics of which loadouts are played the most. Sure, they profit because they should, but it's also giving people what they want. Nobody forced you to buy the older ones and nobody is forcing you to now so I don't understand how this is a big complaint. Lastly, we have Bronze loadouts so that of course shuts down any P2W money-grab implications. This would be like me complaining to my truck manufacturer because my 2-year-old model isn't as good or popular as the one they just released.

  • Re: Idle penalty on ranked is BS.

    @bgyoshi said:

    @Wintergreen said:
    You don't need to abandon a queue to take a piss. They take a lifetime and then some to place us into a match, right? Go take care of your business in the 5-10 minutes it takes to get placed. You have 50 seconds to accept the match. Turn the volume up before you leave and then you'll have plenty of time to get back when you hear it found a match. That's what I do.

    Heaven forbid you accept a match and get 2 minutes into the game when you realize you gotta piss.

    Heaven forbid you jump up to go and get a match accept screen once you get into the bathroom and lose out on that match and need to re-queue for another 20 minutes.

    I dunno about y'all but I don't go to the bathroom if I don't have to go at that time. And I dunno about y'all but I don't speed piss. Even with the bathroom literally 10 feet away, it takes me at least 60 seconds to get there, piss, wash hands, get back. And I'm a guy. It's longer for women that need to sit to begin and wipe thoroughly before they leave.

    And again, that's just one common interruption of the tons of short interruptions we all get all the time. Lucky you, it happened during queue.

    Punishing players for unavoidable life events, bad
    Punishing trolls, good

    I understand your points - and it's unfortunate when **** happens - but I think this all boils down to individual accountability and your perspective is selfish. Yes, it sucks when things come up, but when they do come up I do not expect the game to cater to me or necessarily forgive me, nor do I expect everyone to be able to sit and wait for me to return either. We're talking minor penalties here, keep that in mind. When I have to, say, go pick up my grandad because his truck breaks down or make a run for the bathroom because I ate some garbage Mexican food, my first inclination is not be bitter towards the game because I'm locked out temporarily now. My thoughts are more along the lines 'damn, that sucks, and I probably just screwed over my entire team too. I'll come back when I feel it's a better time.' But that's life and I accept that; depending on the severity or urgency of what came up, I may not even give an ounce of a damn about a video game at the moment in the first place.

    The bottom line is whether disconnecting, quitting, or having to leave for a while is intentional or an unfortunate accident, it is detrimental to everyone else participating in ranked. It affects everyone. I myself would like to see more penalties for reoccuring quitting and the like, but I get that arguments could be made in favor of and against this. It's just the way I operate, chalk it up to how I was raised. What I cannot see, however, are many arguments that could be made in favor of no punishments/penalties whatsoever for the things mentioned above. Do you really believe more good than bad would come out of allowing players to back out of queues, regularly disconnect, rage quit, team kill, and so on without facing any kind of consequences? The game cannot determine whether you're guilty of leaving intentionally or you simply had to 'cause things came up. The game should not have to.

  • Re: Discusion of Posssibility of return of execution after rework confirmed by sd???

    @LifeupOmega said:
    Yeah I @$!# hated exe but I didn't care that it was in game. It was a joke of a gamemode but it did no harm in existing. It doesn't need updates or anything, the people who played it just played it and left the rest of us alone.

    It was the best mode in the world between ranked seasons... :'( Best time killer.

  • Re: Balance patch note is here !

    @neverplayseriou said:
    No I'm here to laugh at all the people on the forums that have @$!# all worth a clue about db.

    How can you have a clue about the game if you don't have it installed anymore? Nothing seems to satisfy you and that's what I've gathered from being here only a few months. It's not even a game you had to pay for. If your anger, sarcasm, and frustration is because you want the game to succeed like presumably all of us do, then it's not adding up because you regularly call this game trash and its playerbase clueless. Seems more like you just enjoy complaining. Just callin' it how it seems from an outside perspective. Do you even like Dirty Bomb?

  • Re: Merc Ethnicities

    @AlbinMatt said:

    @Brycko said:

    @Sefuh_FR said:
    DB have no merc from Maghreb or Middle-east have a second African merc would be great too.

    • Morocco?
    • Iran?
    • Pakistan?
    • South Africa?

    Aimee is actually originally from Morocco, hence the darker skin complexion as seen in her profile pic. I remembr being this a bit of trivia but I can't remember the exact source.

    That sounds like a political commentary on the current immigration laws in the EU.

    What laws? Oh, right, praise that old hag Merkel.