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  • Re: DB Toxicity Survey results.

    This is pretty embarrassing. Y'all have some really thin skin or haven't played very many other competitive games if you find the DB community or its online experience problematic. The game itself doesn't inherently cause people to act like 'x' in the first place. Of course, queue the comments and finger pointing about 'lack of this' or developers 'not doing that' as the primary reasons for their tantrums and toxicity. Whiners like to whine. Keep doing your thing, SD. Some changes have been crap, some have been great, but the recent involvement with the boards and amount of work that's going into the game is promising.

  • Re: Some weaknesses of ranked and DB as a whole

    Love the offline, practice servers and skirmishing idea. I've wanted some sort of free play mode like that for a long time.

  • Re: Dirty Bomb in game toxicity survey.

    I voted 1/10. It's senseless to complain about bad encounters in the game. You have the freedom to mute, report, leave, or kick if ever necessary. There's no toxicity as a result of this game or community; the world and people themselves are toxic. You'll run into bad people everywhere and the anonymity of the Internet acts as a catalyst for moronic behavior. Just thicken your skin if you are easily bothered. Anyway, I don't think this game is toxic at all when compared to titles like DOTA, LoL, CoD, CS, and so on.

  • Re: Why I think the new obsidians are a gut punch to supporters who bought the previous versions

    Didn't have time to read every response in this thread so my bad if this has already been said. I disagree with the OP. I don't think it's a matter of SD intentionally choosing 'more powerful' cards now to render previous ones useless and milk in extra cash. Which, to me, isn't even true because any loadout can be pretty viable and there have been plenty of strong Obsidians released in the past that I still use today. BL21 Fletcher is amazing. I use it far more than BL33/32 or A31 depending on the map, etc. There are only 9 loadouts to choose from each merc, and with G3 loadouts around the corner, of course you can expect them to want to pump out a few more while they can and it's not like they've got a world of options to select from.

    I won't sit here and count 'em all up because it'd take too long, but I'd imagine some mercs only have 3 or 4 G2 loadouts they'd have left to select from anyway if you account for previous releases and ranked exclusive skins like the Fragger and Aura. Do you really think they deliberately sold 'bad' cards initially only to turn around and sell the super-duper OP ones at a later doubt? They're giving people what they want and I'm sure they've got entire teams looking at the analytics of which loadouts are played the most. Sure, they profit because they should, but it's also giving people what they want. Nobody forced you to buy the older ones and nobody is forcing you to now so I don't understand how this is a big complaint. Lastly, we have Bronze loadouts so that of course shuts down any P2W money-grab implications. This would be like me complaining to my truck manufacturer because my 2-year-old model isn't as good or popular as the one they just released.

  • Re: Overground's Ye Olde Cock Banter

    @Shenaynays said:

    But by fraggars left hand did striking down into attackers spawn with kira on Market, being a true recon on the train over Overground and vollying down the hall over Gallery as nader feel amazing. Arguabily, the only place where doing dumb @$!# was fun

    You nailed it all right there. None of that ever got old. :D I'll never forget playing as Aura or Sparks in a final 1v1 with my plant ticking down. It's hilarious to run circles around the pylon areas and just poke a few shots at them trying to defuse. They can't commit to the defuse or manage to kill so they'd just frantically chase me around. By far the most entertaining things to spectate as well.