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  • Re: Grandeur is a joke. When's buff.

    @neverplayseriou said:
    oh please, feel free to enlighten me why so many Phoenix players have to teamkill and revive their teammates in ranked if he's so good at healing.

    Phoenix's heal is a joke, he's useless at keeping up teammates so yes, he's just as bad at healing as guardian, no point to take some garbage heal with a long cd over assault rifles and an anti explosive ability.

    Derailing the thread a bit, but this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard anyone say on these boards. You're not playing the same game - or not playing it correctly - if you think Phoenix can't sustain a team well. Potent packs and a hold for 2 seconds will fully heal light mercs and upwards of 70% on heavies. That leaves you with about a 6-8 second cd. A tap heal to top some folks off hardly has a cd and a full hold (which is completely unnecessary most of the time) is about 15 seconds or so. I think Saw is the best medic, but he can just as easily end up stuck waiting on his cooldown. The difference being Phoenix can heal more than one teammate at once. I'm at a complete loss for words if you genuinely mean what you said.

    I think the Grandeur was slightly overnerfed too, but it's not a weapon I use regularly so I'll let the people more experienced with that gun debate it out.

  • Re: Combating the toxic

    Those goddamn white males expanding their powers of oppression through the anonymity of the Internet now too! In the oppression olympics, everyone gets a trophy!

  • Re: Anyone else notice Thunder isn't being played?

    I saw him a lot in execution, but that could just be because Radionaut and Freshy Q exist. He's never been used that much in ranked or obj/sw at all in my experience. Seems just as unloved as ever.

  • Re: Combating the toxic

    How do I combat the toxicity? Embrace it and laugh at it. That or just plug my mic' in and then suddenly all the cute talk stops real quick. Maybe I'm just a mean @$!# with a deep voice that sounds old. Works wonders.

  • Re: Guardian nerf or buff

    @TheWickedsin said:
    Biggest problem is the cooldown. Absolutely unnecessary and not in line with any of the other mercs and has caused issues in game play.

    Having the ability to revive multiple teammates at full or near-full health is not in line with any other medic either, though.