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  • Re: Underground Design Update - Issues Identified

    Hey guys, thanks for all the great ideas and feedback, we are collating it at the moment and deciding what solutions we want to try out.

  • Underground Design Update

    Hey all!

    As we stated in the dev video we want to make design changes to Underground and we want your help to do them. The maps are created for your benefit so we think it is fair that we listen to your issues and try and work out together the best way to fix them. 

    Please let us know what your issues are and why you want them changed. Feel free to drop any ideas on how to solve them.

    Things to remember:

    • Only post issues and solutions for Underground
    • Have open discussions about the issues and solutions
    • Feel free to post images and video's for clarity

    Please stay constructive and try not to get too heated. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so be civil and remember "Don't be a dick"!

  • Re: Bridge: Problems and how to improve

    Thanks for posting auwi, I will take a look at your ideas, bridge isn't at the top of the list for balance adjustments but every bit of feedback helps for later adjustments.

  • Terminal Rework Details

    Hey guys

    As mentioned in the video there's currently an imbalance in Terminal's first objective completion rate. The goal with all Dirty Bomb maps is to have the first objective be completed nearly every time, as we feel what keeps the maps enjoyable to play is the sense of progression rather than being stuck on the first objective all game. We believe this is a large part of what causes it's low selection rate in community tournaments.

    There are three separate issues that contribute to this imbalance: the primary objective which has a few separate issues, the travel time to the objective for attackers which is effected by the secondary gas tunnel, and the layout contributing to defenders having superior positions while leaving attackers without enough options.

    Primary Objective

    The location and position of the primary objective on Terminal has several issues:

    • There is no cover protecting attackers attempting to plant, and as the defenders must come from above or behind, it leaves attackers with too many angles to watch and they're very exposed overall.
    • If the forward spawn has not been captured, it can mean attackers get a rush plant on the second objective as there are no defenders between attackers and objective two. This is a general principle we want to avoid on all maps as attackers should need to contest as a team to complete an objective.
    • If the forward spawn has been captured the only approach defenders have is to drop down from above, this gives you maximum spread on landing and it requires you to do a full 360 degree check. As a general level design principle, it's good to avoid this.
      • The goal here is to remove that barrier and create a plant site that provides cover and doesn't require defenders to come over the top to approach.

    Travel Time & the Secondary Objective

    The gas tunnel on objective one has long been a complaint of the community. Terminal objective one has the longest travel times from spawn to objective in the game. While in theory the gas tunnel reduces this travel time when open, in practice this often works against attackers as it's a secondary in favour of the defenders and is therefore rarely open. The capturable spawn acts partially as a band-aid to this issue by moving the spawns forward, but that can quickly be reversed, putting the attackers back to the initial spawn and at a great disadvantage.
    This travel time issue will be solved by moving the spawns to the forward spawn location making it a consistent distance from the objective. The gas tunnel is no longer necessary as travel time can't be reduced further, and equally the capturable spawn is no longer required to bring attackers to the forward spawn.


    The layout will be effected by any changes to the primary objective and travel times as they require specific well thought out spaces to create fun and replayable encounters. However these layout changes won't effect the themes and locations in the map. Apartments will still be on the attackers left flank, but the attackers approach will be different due to their new spawn point. The distinct tube station building will also still be there with a modified layout that works for the new C4 plant site. Attackers spawn will remain much the same, although it will have new routes to the objective.

    We hope that changes to these elements (the primary objective, the travel times and the layout) will resolve the defender bias on Terminal's first objective. We look forward to sharing more with you in future!