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  • Re: The Lead And Iron Update – January 22nd

    I would like to clarify the "Moved objective markers to be either above or below likely player locations" for Underground and Chapel.

    1. These changes will only be visible in Underground and Chapel, as we fix other maps we will make the changes for them too.

    2. The marker will be moved for the follow:

    • Carriable delivery point marker on Chapel
    • Objective 1 C4 plant site marker on Underground (we experimented with moving the one for objective 2 but it was actually in as good a place as possible given the angles there)

    The marker for the EV is a code change which I want to be changed, but won't be in this update.

    The marker for the C4 once planted needs to be where the C4 is located to allow players to find the bomb within the plant site.

    The same is true for the carriable container, the marker needs to be on the carriable container to find it easily.

  • Re: Terminal Rework Details

    @Drac0rion said:
    I'd really like to get a top down map layout just like with the Dome before and after pictures.

    At the moment I don't find this post really giving us any "details" other than the map is receiving a rework, which I do appreciate since I've been avoiding this map for a while for plenty of reasons.

    What will be the new secondary objective?
    Will the new attackers spawn for first objective be before or after the forward spawn was captured, compared to the current version?
    Will the new defenders spawn for first objective be before or after the forward spawn was captured, compared to the current version?
    From the first picture, it looks like post forward spawn where defenders had a left side balcony doesn't exist anymore. Won't the stairs instead of the wall become a meatgrinder chokepoint?

    I found Dome rework to be a success, even though I didn't really consider it that bad before the rework.
    It became a much more enjoyable map in general, but the rework really just applied to the first objective. While the rework did fix many problems with the map, plenty of them still got overlooked in my opinion.

    Overall I'm glad to see SD working on balancing older maps even while Castle is still in the works. Hopefully Underground will receive a rework next, so that older fire supports before Stoker and Javelin have more use of their abilities in that map.

    Hey thanks for the comment and questions, glad you enjoyed the Dome rework. To answer your questions:

    I haven't gone into too much detail because the design isn't locked and it is possible it will change given more playtesting. But to give you some info on the current version there is a secondary that attackers can repair, this aids attackers by closing a route to defenders, effectively the opposite of what previously happened. This helps balance the first objective towards attackers advantage.

    The attackers spawn will be close to where the attackers forward spawn currently is, that entire area is being redesigned to work with the new design.

    The defenders spawn will be close to where the current defenders spawn inside the tube station over the wall is.

    As mentioned in a comment above, there is still an entry point to the left there, its just not in frame in the images, this provides cover from anyone observing the stairs.

    The layout is currently being playtested so any of these things may change based on those tests.

  • Re: Terminal Rework Details

    @PeterComputer said:
    I think most of us expected Terminal to be reworked but it's nice to finally see some of the changes being done! The new layout is looking good so far but the C4 zone and the general area around it looks quite close quarters. That's not inherently a bad thing though.

    I do hope that defender routes aren't limited to that main stairwell though, otherwise attackers will most likely dominate defenders once they take control over the area. Then again I'm sure the testers will do a good job making sure the layout feels balanced.

    Anyways, these are nice news. Keep up the good work!

    There are several routes into the main plaza space not just the stairwell visible in the images, the building to the left that used to have a drop down window has a route that comes out to the left, we are performing extensive playtesting to ensure it doesn't get too attacker sided.