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  • What to do with unwanted ranked cards?

    Short story: I've got an Aimee card. Bought her, played 2 games with the new card, and I decided that I'll never use it again. Can't recycle or trade it, so it feels like


    Honestly, I'd prefer to break it down into 6-700 ranked points, if not trade them with someone for another card, but even fragments would be better than the card sitting unused in my inventory IMO
  • Random clickbait title

    I just wanted to share this:

    No one escapes the power of the Blishlok B)

  • Re: So how are LMGs suppose to be played?

    I was browsing my stats while waiting of a match, and noticed that my accuracy with the MK46 is the highest between the full-auto weapons by far.

    As @jooshoyes said it is because i'm mostly shooting concussed enemies while ADS.
    Using the iron sights as often as possible makes sense, because

    • Thunder has a huge hitbox, and he is slow, so strafing doesn't help as much (you still get hit)
    • Thunder has high HP, so getting hit doesn't hurt as much

    So instead of trying to raise the enemy TTK with dodging, you can decrease your own TTK with ADS and standing still (spam crouch if the enemies aim for your head)

    Or just use the M4 or the Timik instead of the LMGs :trollface:

  • Re: A minor critique of the new weapon system

    Yeah, the new system doesn't effect gameplay the slightest, i was hoping a loadout system rework as promised.

    On the bright side nothing got worse either ;)

  • Re: Increased Sawbones Self Heal

    He is the best at healing others, being the worst at self heal is a fair trade.

    If you are the only healer in the team, either choose Phoenix, or try to not take damage.
    Hide behind your teammates, only revive when they die close to cover, etc.

    If they have a brain, they will know that keeping the medic alive is important - even bodyblocking bullets for him. I do it a lot when the medic is good enough, I get revived if the medic stays alive anyway. Most of the time they appreciate it and stay close to me, and revive me first.

    If your teammates are dumb, you probably shouldn't play medic anyway.