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  • Re: Weapon Skins and the Loadout System

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    @Melinder Do you not agree that there has been great UI changes and that the addition of new mercs and maps has been good for the game?

    The old UI was just fine, the new one is bugged.

    And slow as a snail.

    And the newest one is even more slow.

    It takes like 0,4 second to bring up a menu - and no, my PC doesn't suck, I have 180-200FPS regularly at max graphics in DB

  • Re: Post tips for the loading screen

    1. When playing a fire support and ammo icons appear around your teammates, that means they are shooting, go and help them!

    2. Watching the HP bar of the teammates and their positions can give you an idea where the enemies are / what is going on.

    3. Getting kills doesn't do any good if you die as well. If you think you are close to death, retreat and get healed instead of trying to kill the enemies.

    These help with the most common newbie mistakes imo, which are:

    • not reading the situation properly (or not reading at all)
    • trying too hard to get kills/plant/repair/deliver (because they don't read the situation)
    • taking too much risk (because they are trying too hard)
    • dying without accomplishing anything (because they take too much risk)

    Watching good players on youtube gives an insight on their decision making, when they retreat and when they engage.

  • Re: Recoil stats now added to the Weapon Stat Spreadsheet

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    Man, your work is legendary!

    Do you browse the game files for this info, or find out these values by testing? (just curious)

    I used to test for them a while back, until I found a nice little console command that let me fetch them directly from the config files. I also learned a lot about less transparent weapon mechanics this way (like the damage window and snares of melee weapons).
    Aaaand SD disabled the GetAll command last patch.. :(
    I was lucky somebody saved the values before it was locked down so I could finish my recoil section.

    what's a damage window?

    It is explained in the spreadsheet (hover your mouse over the column title)

    With melee weapons once you press the attack button, after a short delay you damage everything in range, until the damage window ends.
    For example with the bechkill light attack you press LMB, start dealing damage after 0.033 seconds, and continue to deal damage until 0.167 seconds (0.2 seconds after clicking)

    The highest is the katana with 200ms window, which gives it a more consistent feel than other weapons, and allows for beyblade-ing, though not as much as in the old times (if you don't know what it is, search youtube, I reckon you'll find some hilarious stuff)

    @ArsonistCow it is a shame that the devs want to hide this info. These stats (or at least most of them, like damage, firerate, DPS, etc) should be displayed in the game in the first place, so you don't have to use console commands to get essential data.

  • Re: Airstrikes killing people indoors

    Yes, the airstrike goes a good 1,5m below the roofs. For example on Bridge at the ene of the EV escort you can die to drone strike while standing in the staircase.

    I think it only happens with explodydendron, because the game calculates where the strike is, and then extends the range (even if the extended area is under a roof)

  • Re: Returning after about a year

    There is a new dev post every friday called FAQing fridays. I think this is the last one:
    They are answering questions from this forums, reddit, and the comments on the weekly dev videos as well.
    EDIT: not sure this is the last, is is over 1 month old by now. Maybe SD has a summer break?

    Next balance update comes in August, we'll see how it turns out.

    I don't like ranked either - however, if the enemy team is stacking cobalts, you can fight it with stacking good players on your team. Now all party sizes are allowed from 1 to 5, not just 1,2 and full team.
    There are known bugs with joining lobbies, the devs are investigating. Good to know before you try it.