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  • Re: FF on and synced timers in CMM

    @n-x said:
    Also the explanation for having CMM 6vs6 is not really valid. It's 6vs6 because if someone drops a 6vs5 is more balanced than a 5vs4. Actually it is not that much more balanced and you still get players backfilling the vacated spot. Kind of strange, that 5vs4 in a casual gamemode in which there is a possibility for a backfill is not an option but in a competitive environment without the possibility of a backfill it is ok.


    I know this is off-topic, but I would add backfill to ranked as well, in a way that the player filling the empty spot can't lose ranks (most likely the team with one less player has a disadvantage)

  • Re: Fix your garbage 'ranked'

    @Nail said:
    your concept of "punishment" would kill ranked instantly
    getting banned for a disconnect is idiotic

    dude, did you even read my post?

    quote from myself:
    But not until innocent players get penalized due to technical reasons, so we are again at my first point, fix the **** servers.

  • Re: Fix your garbage 'ranked'

    @bgyoshi said:
    Alternative solution:

    Don't play Ranked

    Protip: Server Browser is the same exact game

    Pro protip: 5v5 sucks anyway

    Now I'm in trouble.
    If I agree with the first 2 statements, but disagree with the 3rd, and only can push one button, which should that be?

    On the topic: my main problem with ranked is the swarm of technical errors, like games starting 5v4, players disconnecting without being able to reconnect, putting players with 24ms and 300ms ping in the same team...

    Fixing these would make ranked MUCH more enjoyable regardless of "team balance"

    Also, I'm all for punishing leavers, I would give 24h ban for the first leaving/AFK/kick and -50 ranked points + 24h ban for every consecutive leaving, if the player has 0 ranked points then charge the penalties to the end of season rewards, if the player reaches 0 with the end season reward, then ban for the rest of the season.

    But not until innocent players get penalized due to technical reasons, so we are again at my first point, fix the **** servers.

  • Re: Community Market

    @Nail said:
    "Not sure how much work would it require to implement"

    and therein lies the problem, people here don't understand what's involved

    Nice job grabbing that one sentence out of context. Let me elaborate a little:

    Sure, I'm not a game designer, but as an electric engineer I had to study 4 semesters of programming, including database management. So yeah, I can estimate how long does it take to create the database from scratch fairly well, but that isn't what we are talking about.

    Valve got covered the whole trading and market stuff once you have a steam inventory, so all SD has to do is write a function that exports the tradeable stuff to steam, and refresh it when the game closes.
    Believe it or not, DB already imports items from steam, namely the DLCs which only appear after restart, so they only have to modify that function to scan the whole steam inventory when launching the game.

    I don't know how the data structure of SD and Valve looks, this is why I wrote I'm not sure - it could take a week or 2 to code, another 2-4 weeks to test, and God knows how much time to sign the contract with Valve.

    This way you would need to restart to be able to use traded items, but that is a fair price for not having to transport the whole database to steam like Dota or TF2. Warframe has this "hybrid" inventory already, so it does work.

    Also, I don't buy that (for example) the map designer team handles the database, so it wouldn't delay content. Even then, writing this 2 (more like 1,5) functions take way less effort than creating a map.

    TLDR: there is no trading/steam market, because the developers/publishers don't want one. Even if it is not much work, it creates problems, and you can't ignore the chance that market prices will drop, making SD losing profit - other posts in this thread covered it really well.

    Saying "we don't have the resources" is much shorter and it even looks better, no wonder this is the official statement. If they assign all their employees to other stuff then there is no free resource for this of course.

  • Re: whats gonna happen with unused boosters

    @ThePigVomit said:
    That is why you need to spend them during the event. The concept of a limited time event is to draw folks in, not as a farming tool for existing players.

    And what if people were spending them "properly" and still get nothing?
    Like @Pumpkiller said in another thread, that he bought 31% booster and didn't get a single case. That is like days worth of playtime during the event for nothing.
    It can happen, RNG is like that.

    The 1% drop chance cases were for choosing proxy's new look, few people got event cards from those (anyone with basic mathematics knowlegde can see that boosters are better to get event skins). So in the end they were just regular cases you could waste your remaining hexads on, before the event ended.

    @Nail ThePigVomit's answer can be interpreted that it is the players fault if he has a reasonable (like 10-15%) booster when the event ends, he should have "spend the hexads during the event".

    THAT, I disagree with, but not sure of this is what he meant.