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  • Re: Idle penalty on ranked is BS.

    @bgyoshi If one team lacks a player for 50 seconds, the other team completes the objective 50 seconds faster, and win - this is how stopwatch works.

    Aslo, you are talking about adults, who can't hold back their piss for 30 minues or what?

    Anyway, there is a mode for them, it is called casual, and by playing casual you don't really lose anything but shiny cosmetics and a lot of saltyness (also teamkillers)

  • Re: |Weapon Skins for Melee Weapons|

    Makes sense, because you are running with your melee out most of the time, so you are looking at them a lot.
    Also you have nothing else to do while running out of spawn besides looking at your knife.

  • Re: So how are LMGs suppose to be played?

    I was browsing my stats while waiting of a match, and noticed that my accuracy with the MK46 is the highest between the full-auto weapons by far.

    As @jooshoyes said it is because i'm mostly shooting concussed enemies while ADS.
    Using the iron sights as often as possible makes sense, because

    • Thunder has a huge hitbox, and he is slow, so strafing doesn't help as much (you still get hit)
    • Thunder has high HP, so getting hit doesn't hurt as much

    So instead of trying to raise the enemy TTK with dodging, you can decrease your own TTK with ADS and standing still (spam crouch if the enemies aim for your head)

    Or just use the M4 or the Timik instead of the LMGs :trollface:

  • Re: info about weapon skins

    @Cletus_VanDamme said:
    Fix the crafting system that was randomly ruined for no reason at all, then promised to be fixed 1.5 years ago? LOL NO!

    Fix / create solution for paying customers having 50+ useless / obsolete SE cards in their inventory, something that has been asked for for 1.5+ years? LOL NO!

    Add more RNG that nobody has asked for, at all? YEP!


    I'm not against weapon cases, those didn't bother me in TF2 either.
    BUT when Shoe says in the dev videos that they are working on a new loadout system, I expect a new loadout system, not adding weapon cases.

  • Re: info about weapon skins

    @Eox said:
    Loadout system improvements are just not ready yet. Give it some time. Some info has been shared in the Reddit AMA thread. Just follow the thread and search for the word "loadout". You should find a bit of info.

    Thanks for explaining it!

    I've thought we got this cases instead of the loadout rework, now I see that the rework is still being worked on.

    Considering this i'm happy with the update, more customization is always welcome!