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  • Re: Contoller Support!

    lets be honest, if you're not good with a keyboard and mouse you wont get any better with a controller

  • Re: thoughts

    @Nail said:
    nope, if you run out of ammo, you run away or die

    where is your honour

  • Re: thoughts


    theres one rule of a gun fight.
    "If you're in a gun fight and and one of you run out of ammo and pull out a melee, You pull out yours and fight like men"

  • Re: I cant install dirtybomb

    if the play game button is there, the game is already installed, try validating the files or to uninstall the game completely from your pc then install a fresh version of it

  • Re: Server Rentals

    Considering the only community run servers we have are the DBNGG and the pug servers which have exp, credits and case drops enabled, id assume the rentable servers would have the same thing.

    we definately wouldnt be able to upload and run custom maps considering the engine DB uses is a bespoke version of unreal engine four. So building afk maps cough tf2, CS:GO cough wouldnt be a thing.

    EXP wise, definately, that would be abusable, its insanely easy to tp and set spawn points for teams and someone will definately find a way a reinvent the old aura // ev exp glitch. And from what ive seen and tried in the offline version of the console, there's not a known way to ramp up exp gain.

    Cases, now this is an interesting one, if on rentable servers we get allowed to set custom map times then definately, same as cs go, people would set the server time to one minute and let it run. But if servers are limited to map times then that woulnt be an issue.

    in my opinion theres so much that we shouldnt // might not be able to do on these rentable servers. Other than just own a server + maybe play ads, i dont see what we sd would trust to us considering almost everything is abusable in some way shape or form