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  • Re: Too much yellow

    I would like my rhino with a Flashy Pinky Piggy Edition

  • Re: Could DB's artstyle be improved?

    When i started to play DB the game was looking "dull"...But the recents graphic reworks were awesome.
    In my opinion, the game lacks of "immersion".
    Some little details could be added to the maps like sounds at random times or weather effects.

    Chapel : soft rain and some puddles , church bell ringing
    Dockyard : seagull sounds , ship horn from afar
    Terminal : automatic recorded announcements from speakers
    Bridge : Train / Metro / Ambulance sounds from afar
    Trainyard : mist in the lowests area of the map , crows sounds...

  • Re: Javelin Things

    @GatoCommodore said:

    @TheFpsPro27 said:
    Why do people think that making javelin flinch by taking damage when using rocket launcher would make her useless? Arty and Kira flinch like hell when using their abilities but they are not useless. They also think that adding a laser to the rocket launcher would make it useless. Skyhammer, Arty and Kira have lasers and loud voices indicating the location of their abilities but it does not make them useless. They say that increasing the arming time of rocket would make it useless. Nader's grenades take 2 seconds to explode but they are not useless.

    javelin needs line of sight to aim the rocket while arty, kira, skyhammer dont

    they just need something to laser at.

    Enemy is rarely in a suitable position to use walls for Arty. So, most of the time you aim at the ground , where is the enemy.
    "If the enemy is in range, so are you."
    There is like 3 seconds between the moment you start to mark your arty and the arty dropping...

    You don't use your rocket before knowing where are the enemies ( or you'r using it in the wrong way ) , so you just charge your rocket behind a wall ( without anyone noticing ) and pop out at the right moment.
    No time needed to aim if you pre-aim while charging.
    That's why i rarely need to use guided mode and unguided is stupidly strong...

  • Re: Javelin Things

    • Only guided rocket mode
    • longer charge
    • Reduce rocket speed but make it invincible to bullets
    • 10% dmg increased on EV

    --> Javelin will be "unsafe" for a longer time while controlling her rocket
    --> longer charge should prevent Javelin to use her rocket in 1V1 , or in enemy's sight.
    --> dmg increased on EV : i'm pretty sure Nader is now better at destroying EV and Javelin being better than Nader as Assault lul

  • Re: Sniper-Rifles.. Are they Broken?

    Or just slightly reduce sniper damages at close ranges ( overpenetration phenomenon ).