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  • Re: Random beginner tips.

    @Eox said:
    Phantom's best weapon is his gun. Not his katana.

    This. Can't count how many Phantoms i see trying to melee kill and stupidly ended up dead (Including me :P)

    @Eox said:
    Always meatshield your engineer.

    I even do this for every other mercs that are downed when i know a medic is nearby, or when a Phoenix is downed (to let him get self revive).

  • Re: Best gladiator in DB?

    I remember the good times with Redeye G41 : Quick slash + Chopper ? :open_mouth: + Smoke :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :dizzy:

  • Re: Guardian nerf or buff

    I have an idea that could make her more medic oriented : Why not make the drone pulse an healing aoe for each projectile disabled ? The same quick pulse that Phoenix do when not charging his own pulse.

    Also, maybe i was hallucinating, but if this is not the case, it would be great if, when deployed, the drone's timer get a recharge for each porjectile stopped.

  • Re: Guardian Special Edition Case will be RNG

    It's very very ... very sad. Because when Turtle came out, it came with a fixed obsidian loadout with his default weapon. Why they didn't make the same for Jav and now Guardian, i don't understand.

    @Mc1412013 said:
    I didnt get the javelin rng crap case because her reskin was horible to me and i would have received a crap card with out schar and axe.

    Well, i bought the Jav + SE case and this is what i actually got : SE loadout without any of her special weapon :/ But i actually find the special skin pretty cool so im not that mad.
    But for Guardian... well, she's blonde and... that's pretty all she got special here, doesn't she ?

    It's sad being torn between wanting to support the game and make them understand to stop their rng BS by not buying it.

  • Re: New Dev Video: Skin Preview

    @TitaniumRapture said:
    Friend sent me something he found on the internet. It would probably fit more to phantom or so. But i would love black and red weapon. :)

    Those colors fit more the obsidian look of others mercs. But the helmet is a bit too... Antman :smiley:
    Considering Phoenix wears a helmet and a mask by default, an Obsidian skin withouth helmet, showing his red hair, combined with bloody clothes (as if he just operated recently) would have been better from my pov.
    Or taking inspiration from the mythical pheonix bird, with burnt vestments, and still with his red hair brushed like a super sayian :smile: