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  • Re: Should DB please both casuls and tryhards?

    Someone posted an interesting link on reddit ( SD shouldn't try to please everyone, for the most simplest reason ever existing : they can't please everyone.

    Despite the rise in numbers of update and new contents, DB players are still decreasing. Why ? Because those who loved DB at the start, mostly those who were here for the ET/old school feel, don't enjoy what DB became. And on the other hand, new players come to DB, thinking about finding a somewhat clone to Overwatch or Paladins, and are disappointed.

    It may be a good idea to try to reach new audience, but it shouldn't be done to the detriment of their first customer.

  • Re: Do you feel being part of a community?

    @n-x said:
    I am pretty sure DB is in my top 3 of games regarding playtime overall and intensity. I post here in the forums and participate in discussion. But again, I really don't feel like being part of a community. I just feel like I am playing a game a lot.

    This resume pretty well my feelings.

    I sometimes encountered players which I know by their nickname, in rarer times I saw people from this forum (when they carry the same nick, encountered @STARRYSOCK once for example) and it's somewhat fun, but there's nothing more. I even have friends in steam that play Dirty Bomb too, because we added ourselves after some matches but ended up close to never playing with.

    But maybe all this comes only from me. The language barrier is a hard frontier. Sure I can read and write easily in English, I'm able to watch videos or movies without having to activate subtitles but I'm bad when it comes to oral conversation. Sure, it's something I should work at, but not that easy when you don't even recognize your own nickname pronounced with a foreign language :tongue: (For info, it's pronounced P-tee-loo-ee :wink: )

  • Re: Regarding A Certain Someone...

    Welcome back @martha_smith :smiley:

  • Re: Do you have plan B if gaming industry really falls apart.

    There will always be people that will develop games with their heart and not by greed. Just look at people that develops mods for Skyrim or Fallout 4 (for free). For those who know Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, there are even people that are still nowadays correcting bugs, introducing contents that were planned by devs but weren't able to make into the game, or creating whole new quests.

    If the gaming industry fall someday, this will be for good, because the only games that will last will be the good ones, made with passion, and not purely for making money.

  • Re: Regarding A Certain Someone...

    Honestly, I'm seeing this person more as a teen who's not yet at ease with our internet behaviours and "traditions" than a real troll. Sure he posted weird or not so kind replies, but he looks like innocent to me. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt (yeah I maybe a bit naïve ;) )

    Furthermore, working as a helpline technician teached me how to be patient with people :)