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  • Re: Community reward thought???

    I just figured out that the Christmas tree in the menu shows all the rewards obtainable during the event : mouse over the baubles, you'll see which rewards we can still win. Baubles that are lit up are the rewards we already got.

  • Re: Post Your Nuclear Winter Event Skins

    I'm happy to be lucky enough to help @Djiesse this time.

    Javelin :

    Aimee :

    Thunder :

    And i guess you'll be insterested by weapon skins now too...
    M4 Nuclear Winter :

    KEK Contraband :

  • Re: Weapon Skins and the Loadout System

    So, to resume things, you think that adding rng skin boxes and steam market will attract players to the game ? What exactly players are looking for in a game then ? The ability to earn money ? Maybe it's their last chance to bring players back after removing the fun from the game. [/rant]

    Basically, Dirty Bomb feels the same as it was 2 years ago. I'm not enough a connaisseur to feel the effect of weapon changes (except for the FEL-IX one), so i'm still having fun in public matches (even though i would sometimes see a slower version of it). But if you look back, what have been made ? We have more maps, which is great ! We have more mercs, which is so-so, some of them are useful (Sparks, Phoenix, Stoker), others weren't needed (Javelin). We have a crafting system, which is a simplier version of the previous trade-up system but without any sense of progression. And... that's all.
    And as @Melinder stated, all these contents didn't retain players. So those weapon skin boxes won't in any way bring them back because this is just not what they're asking for.

  • Re: Will you miss lead/iron cards?

    @Xenithos said:
    I just spent probably over half an hour looking for this reddit post, and I can't find it. Would you mind linking it Strangerous? Edit: Nevermind, I found it.

    Basically what @TitaniumRapture said :smile:

    @TitaniumRapture said:

    @aminuseternal said:
    Anyone have a link to the AMA?

    I like the iron and leads over bronze thats for sure. With the new loadout system with swapping out stuff with skins and weapons and maybe augments? I don't know why they would just get rid of them.

  • Re: How to explain Dirty Bomb

    For secondary objectives, explain them that they open or close optional routes that can offers advantage. They can be doors like in Trainyard, ramps like in Chapel or gas tunnel like in Terminal or at the last objective of Underground. These are not mandatory but some are recommended to do in order to take advantage on enemy team.

    As for merc classes, just focus on Medic, Engineer and Fire support to begin with. With no medic, your team would have no way to take HP back efficiently. It will be easier for the enemy team to push you if you have to constantly fall back, or die, under their pressure.
    Fire support are quite the same : with no ammo, you'd be forced to constantly fall back to ammo crate, breaking position and letting enemy be able to take control of key spots.
    And for engineer, it is recommanded for planting/defusing C4 or repairing EV. Without them, it will take more time to do objectives, which is a big problem in a fast paced fps.
    The other two classes are a bit different. Assault is meant to be the frontline killer, designed to focus enemy attention on them rather than on your medics or engineers. Their abilities can directly kill enemies or do area denial like Nader or Stoker. And for Recon, they bring intel, sharing enemy position to your team or, in Phantom's case, desactivating enemy deployables, such as health/ammo station or turrets and mines.

    And talking about time, just ask them if they would rather wait for 20 seconds or 5 seconds before being able to play again :) Time is key : knowing when to push or not can lead to the victory or defeat. If you kill all the enemy team while the spawn timer is around 15-20 seconds, you'll have plenty of time to complete objective, replenish health, reload your weapons and recharge your abilites. If not, the enemy team will directly spawn with full health and ammo, and it will be easier for them to push you back. Don't forget that the last objectives of each maps are closer to the defense side than the attacker side. If you don't manage spawn timer correctly, the defense can endlessly respawn, preventing the attackers from doing the objectives.