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  • Re: Community reward thought???

    I just figured out that the Christmas tree in the menu shows all the rewards obtainable during the event : mouse over the baubles, you'll see which rewards we can still win. Baubles that are lit up are the rewards we already got.

  • Re: Weapon Skins and the Loadout System

    So, to resume things, you think that adding rng skin boxes and steam market will attract players to the game ? What exactly players are looking for in a game then ? The ability to earn money ? Maybe it's their last chance to bring players back after removing the fun from the game. [/rant]

    Basically, Dirty Bomb feels the same as it was 2 years ago. I'm not enough a connaisseur to feel the effect of weapon changes (except for the FEL-IX one), so i'm still having fun in public matches (even though i would sometimes see a slower version of it). But if you look back, what have been made ? We have more maps, which is great ! We have more mercs, which is so-so, some of them are useful (Sparks, Phoenix, Stoker), others weren't needed (Javelin). We have a crafting system, which is a simplier version of the previous trade-up system but without any sense of progression. And... that's all.
    And as @Melinder stated, all these contents didn't retain players. So those weapon skin boxes won't in any way bring them back because this is just not what they're asking for.

  • Re: Regarding Lootboxes/Equipment Cases

    @Meerkats said:
    As far as I know, those are voluntary guidelines with zero legal enforceability. So by moving preemptively, the gaming industry might've avoided actual legislation and regulation ( actually, I don't know how this works in the EU; PEGI might be legally enforceable, but I'm pretty sure ESRB isn't ).

    PEGI is a voluntary system too. On their website (, they state :

    PEGI said:
    The PEGI rating system is a voluntary system. It is only backed by legislation in a few countries. In others, however, PEGI is usually treated as being virtually mandatory by nearly all of the game retailers in their company policy. We encourage the public to always notify store managers where the age ratings are clearly being ignored by their staff.

    So, there's no real legislation about this. Companies may be forced to have their games be examined by PEGI so they can sold them in some countries, but in the end, nothing prevents children to play those game.

    But don't fool yourselves, this law is not made to prevent children, or players in a wider sense, to fall in this addictive system of lootboxes. It's just another tax so EU can make money from game companies. If they really wanted to protect people, they'll forced companies to not sell those lootboxes anymore, or be sure that games containing this crate system be systematically rated 18+ — in France, you can't play gambling games under 18.

  • Re: Do you ever watch video games as movies?

    I watched the MGS movie too made from ingame cinematic and it was quite good. Of course it doesn't have the depth of a real movie but it was entertaining.

    Another thing i found and which i find awesome :

    It is not a movie from a game but a movie made IN the game. The full Terminator movie remade in GTA V engine. It lacks some scene but it's really fun to watch if you're a fan :)

  • Re: Shower Thoughts: Guardian's Non Glove Healing Ability

    The drone might be too op if he can heal while disabling projectiles.

    What about selecting the drone mode before throwing it, as the same way javelin choose her rocket mode ?

    I once proposed another idea : that every projectile disabled make the drone pulse a heal, like a quick pulse from Phoenix, healing about 20-30hp each time.