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  • Re: What is the power of commander in this forum ?

    In subforums (in General Chat for example) you can see there are pages upper right and lower right for older threads. You may even find threads that were created in 2014. While it may be interesting to read those threads, a golden rule on the internet says that you shall not post in those threads because they are considered dead. Doing so is necro bumping.

  • Re: Regarding A Certain Someone...

    @CyberVonCyberus said:

    @AlbinMatt said:
    Seriously, did I miss an episode of Modern Family or something? What happened?

    "How to create a poll on these forums.
    tell me "

    You forgot the part where @Lord_Coctus answer him with his own knowledge and got the reply "stop making irrelevant post" xD

  • Re: Hunter's Skill...?!

    The way i see it, you'll have to hit one deployable to disable it, while phantom will have a mass disable.

  • Re: How to play Sparks revivr rifle?

    @GatoCommodore said:

    @henki000 said:

    Do you mean timing to predict enemy movement and quess when to start charging?

    • Watch spawn timer and peak corners before blast. Stay behind the group, so you can support them by discharging enemies and reviving teammates.


    @Lord_Coctus said:

    @Mr-Penguin said:
    If a teammate is about to go down, start charging and release as soon as they die. If they're already on the ground, charge as much as circumstances and nearby enemies allow and release.

    Roughly this.
    At worse, if no teammates are downed try to hit an enemy or deployable with it.

    thats the tricky part, most of the time if theres no teammates in front its usually a teamwipe
    cant really snipe beside teammate because if FF is on teammate could die

    im really torn on how good is sparks and how limited in choices

    Well, this can happen with any merc. If you're afraid of harming or killing an ally, watch his health and prepare to revive him OR switch to your primary and help him (safer than a misplaced RevivR full charge :) It happens to me in a ranked game, i tried to kill an enemy that was rushing us and ended up headshot killing the teammate who was delivering obj. It nearly cost us the victory :open_mouth: (we still managed to deliver later but that was close).

  • Re: Bridge: Problems and how to improve

    @-OCB-Wildcard said:
    To be honest bridge is, and always has been, a massive mess. It has improved since its initial versions but it still needs work.

    @Begin2018 said:

    @auwi said:
    It's a great focus to try to improve the current set of maps

    No, it's boring to play the same maps since 2 years and an half. They already changed Bridge. The game should go forward now instead of wasting time on minor fix.

    That sort of mindset leads to having a large array of maps with only a small handful being actually played because the rest are aneurysm-inducing to play. From a professional standpoint (and this is from experience) that sort of approach has more downsides than its worth for a game aiming to be competitive.

    For example look at games where maps are very rarely updated and just map after map gets pumped out like tf2 did back in the day. There are maps where certain classes can abuse the flaws to be downright broken and are still a problem even today. Overall they're better off fixing the problems now so that they can divert their full attention to the new maps when they start churning them out rather than having about 15 or so maps to re-balance all at once (which would then take away from their ability to make any new content during that time). Need I remind you of the Summer Squash 1-3 which came from them ignoring blatant problems for an extended period of time in favor of fresh content.

    Wanted to add another thing : it seems obvious that devs should think about existing maps when designing new mercs (and i want to trust them to do so, otherwise it would be really dumb). But there will always be cases they dont think about that players will find out. So the need to rework maps will always be here as long as they're adding new mercs.