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  • Re: The Guardian Update - Bug Megathread

    @azz_abdr said:
    Okay this is not a bug, but I think Sky Shield should give support xp, like 20xp per projectiles and 50xp per airstrikes/salvos it countered.

    I received xp for this. If i remember correctly it is 30xp per projectile/salvo stopped (so 90xp for a full arty's artillery)

  • Re: New Merc: Guardian

    @scrub_lord said:
    Her ability is suppose to block rockets right?

    Literally just had 3 rockets in a row bypass her shield rofl

    Exacly, this is not the sield that block incoming throwables (rocket, nades, stickies, etc) but the drone itself. If the drone doesn't see the rocket, the rocket won't be blocked (like if the shield bypass a wall, or the drone is behind some crates).
    But after the nade or rocket has passed the shield, if it continues its path and become visible by the drone, it then gets destroyed inside the air shield.
    (Hope it is clear enough :blush: )

  • Re: Guardian's Mouth

    To me, it looks like she's still wearing dentures :P

  • Re: A new way to fire sparks gun (QoL)

    @ThinkItsClose said:

    @Sleety said:
    There's already a way to do this with keybinding via the console. Had the same issue/want for a while. Holding down lmb makes my hand feel like it locks up.

    O to toggle the keybind. So far this is the best way to do it in game aside from using something like AutoHotKey to bind it. I stopped using it because it would disable reload canceling for me, otherwise I'd still use it right now.

    Really helpful post, any ideas on how to reset this to normal? Can you just reverse the commands?

    I think these commands only works until you close the game. If you want it to be permanent, paste those commands in a file named exec.txt that you will create and place it in Dirty Bomb/Binaries directory. Then in Steam, set launch optional commands "-exec=exec.txt". It will run the text file and execute those commands each time you run the game. You can add the "StatFPS" command to have FPS counter in the top right corner all the time.

  • Re: The next merc group voting.

    After seeing the last vid with new weapons, i'm pretty sure that the next merc :

    • Will be female
    • Won't be a medic