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  • Re: New Dev Video: Phantom's Rework

    Hope you thought about removing the birdy sound when he's moving while cloaked :)

    Need to see how this decloaking animation performs.

  • Re: Weapon Skins and the Loadout System

    So, to resume things, you think that adding rng skin boxes and steam market will attract players to the game ? What exactly players are looking for in a game then ? The ability to earn money ? Maybe it's their last chance to bring players back after removing the fun from the game. [/rant]

    Basically, Dirty Bomb feels the same as it was 2 years ago. I'm not enough a connaisseur to feel the effect of weapon changes (except for the FEL-IX one), so i'm still having fun in public matches (even though i would sometimes see a slower version of it). But if you look back, what have been made ? We have more maps, which is great ! We have more mercs, which is so-so, some of them are useful (Sparks, Phoenix, Stoker), others weren't needed (Javelin). We have a crafting system, which is a simplier version of the previous trade-up system but without any sense of progression. And... that's all.
    And as @Melinder stated, all these contents didn't retain players. So those weapon skin boxes won't in any way bring them back because this is just not what they're asking for.

  • Re: The bow/crossbow has been memed into DB

    Pretty sure his crossbow is only part of his ability. What about a recon/assault who fires an ice bolt that freezes / slows enemies for x seconds ?

  • Re: Unpopular Dirty Bomb Opinions!

    Once you unlocked all mercs, there's basically nothing to do anymore in this game (or in any other FPS of the same genre).

  • Re: Jackal's Eve Update Release Notes - 25th October, 2017

    @stayfreshshoe said:

    • Fixed bug where Guardian's Sky Shield would destroy deployables that have already been placed (Heartbeart Sensor, Sticky Grenades, Air Strike marker, Snitch)

    I thought this was an intended feature of the drone :open_mouth: