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  • Re: Guardian nerf or buff

    @MikeGreene1990 said:
    Reason for drone, is because 10 seconds of uptime is to short in stopwatch games where a full team of artys can alternate spaming EV.

    Nothing prevent your team to have a full team of Guardian that alternate their drone...

    People shouldn't see the drone as a preventive ability, like Turtle's shield, but a reactive one, like... well, no merc actually has such ability. This is the kind of gameplay where, when you see a Fragger, a Nader, or a Jav coming to you, instead of running away like before, you put your drone and stand your ground. And considering the duration gain a slight recharge for each projectile destroyed, i find the drone fine as it is.

    @MikeGreene1990 said:
    The problem with the drone is that it can block nothing and still die in 10-20 seconds. Whatever the self destruct rate is.

    Just think that maybe it prevents enemy mercs using their ability. If an ennemy Nader or Arty see a deployed drone, she/he won't use her/his ability. So your drone, even if it doesn't directly block incoming projectile, it prevents in some way enemy mercs to spam your position.
    In fact, the only merc that is losing a lot here is Skyhammer, because there is so much time between when the marker is thrown and when the plane come out, that it let plenty of time to Guardian to deploy her drone (but not enough for enemy to destroy it by shooting it)

    As of her revive ability, the only buff she could get is a reduction to her CD. I agree that she's not performing that much as a medic in pub games, but, like Sparks, she becomes way more powerful in FF ON servers, where you can kill and revive your teammate instead of healing them. Having a healing ability would be too powerful and there would be no point of playing Sawbonez or Phoenix anymore.

  • Re: New player- Sparks or Redeye

    And don't do like, and as many others i think did : unlocking Vassili first. You can't play sniper in DB as in other FPS. I would recommend acquiring a complete knowledge of every maps and how to play each mercs (not perfectly but to know what they are able to do) before playing him.

    And imho, i don't feel Redeye is the easiest recon to play. The Vassili's recon ability is way easier to use as it can just be thrown at tactical point and give huge info about the enemy team positioning (instead of activation Ir goggle and aiming at enemy). Furthermore, Redeye's weapons are : Dreiss (which is not easy to play with as a beginner), Grandeur (even harder), and PDP (which Vassili has too).
  • Re: CMM is the future of DB... and that makes me sad

    @bgyoshi said:

    @watsyurdeal said:
    At this point, if it were up to me, I'd give up on match making and get rented servers or the ability for players to host public servers on the browser, up and running as soon as humanely possible.

    I disagree, the matchmaking is a great feature and it needs to stay so people can queue with each other, but

    @watsyurdeal said:
    That will generate a lot more players coming back to play imo, especially if you give it different options and mods to turn on. Cumlative time, 6v6, friendly fire on, merc limits, oh yes.

    I agree, getting rentable or custom servers up would be excellent.

    I actually liked @Wintergreen 's solution in another thread, where server browser turns into custom mode with the custom servers, and then CMM is just standard DB.

    Include all servers that are run by SD in the CMM (obj and sw mode), let servers browser only for community made servers.

  • Re: Synchronized spawn timer in CMM

    Balance apart, the only problem i see about different spawn timer is that one team can never know when the opposing one spawns, unless you keep count of every spawn waves during the entire match (or setting up out of the game an alarm that beeps for every ennemy spawn). And then, the strategy about pushing on ennemy long spawn is nearly impossible to plan.

  • Re: Open Thread: How do you believe we can increase the Dirty Bomb player base?

    About advertising, shoe and i don't recall who (sorry dude) went to the gamescon recently so... if it's not advertising, i don't know what it is.
    But, i don't think advertising now is a good thing. The game is clearly not finished, and people you could attract now who got disappointed will never return.
    What this game really need is more polished content. The purpose of the beta state is to ask players test things and read their feedbacks. And honestly, i don't feel we are really testing things in order to make them more polished or have other mechanics. And the fact there is a PTS, in a BETA game, is the proof that only the feedback of a few are really listened to.
    Don't like Javelin ? Just remember some privileged players tested her before she was released. What can we conclude ? Those players saw her and said "she's fine" ? They proposed some tweaks but SD didn't listened ? Or maybe they did tweaks and released her without more tests (so what's the point of testing her before release) ?

    This is maybe a salty post but i think im just beginning to be bored of the static state of this game. The REAL NEW contents we had for two years are maps. Really ! Mercs were already in alpha or closed beta. They just removed them to re-released them one by one. The crafting system is not even that original (the Trade-in was better and somewhat unique). Execution mode was a pale copy/paste from what CS do for 15-20 years ago. Aaaand that's all.