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  • Re: Weapon Skins and the Loadout System

    So, to resume things, you think that adding rng skin boxes and steam market will attract players to the game ? What exactly players are looking for in a game then ? The ability to earn money ? Maybe it's their last chance to bring players back after removing the fun from the game. [/rant]

    Basically, Dirty Bomb feels the same as it was 2 years ago. I'm not enough a connaisseur to feel the effect of weapon changes (except for the FEL-IX one), so i'm still having fun in public matches (even though i would sometimes see a slower version of it). But if you look back, what have been made ? We have more maps, which is great ! We have more mercs, which is so-so, some of them are useful (Sparks, Phoenix, Stoker), others weren't needed (Javelin). We have a crafting system, which is a simplier version of the previous trade-up system but without any sense of progression. And... that's all.
    And as @Melinder stated, all these contents didn't retain players. So those weapon skin boxes won't in any way bring them back because this is just not what they're asking for.

  • Re: The bow/crossbow has been memed into DB

    Pretty sure his crossbow is only part of his ability. What about a recon/assault who fires an ice bolt that freezes / slows enemies for x seconds ?

  • Re: Unpopular Dirty Bomb Opinions!

    Once you unlocked all mercs, there's basically nothing to do anymore in this game (or in any other FPS of the same genre).

  • Re: Jackal's Eve Update Release Notes - 25th October, 2017

    @stayfreshshoe said:

    • Fixed bug where Guardian's Sky Shield would destroy deployables that have already been placed (Heartbeart Sensor, Sticky Grenades, Air Strike marker, Snitch)

    I thought this was an intended feature of the drone :open_mouth:

  • Re: Guardian nerf or buff

    @MikeGreene1990 said:
    Also you a wrong about it not getting shot. Between the house on the left, the MG nest and the railings on the right, you have enough attack angles to easily take out the drone. When you get close to the EV park site. There is even less cover to protect the bot.

    If you stay behind the EV, the only real problem is the left balcony (from attacker's POV). If enemy come from another way, like from the right, there is a problem in your team's ability to push.

    @MikeGreene1990 said:
    Again Kira easily destroys it. Br-16 annihilates it. Proxy running around sprinting and dropping a mine next to it blows it up. ( a Flank). Phantom can just activate the cloak and shut it off. It needs more up time in general.

    And hopefully, there are counters to the sky shield, or else it would be stupidly op. The proxy's tactic you're describing is simply the way proxy should be played imo :)

    I would say for a 5/5 it may be in a good place emphasis on "maybe." But for 7/7 8/8 nah not even close.

    Well, maybe that's why i don't encounter that much issues with her as im only playing through CMM, so with much less frequent "one-merc" spam.
    I never experienced my drone to be directly shot at because im always staying around it, and people usually tend to focus an enemy player that can shot back with an assault rifle rather that risking their life only for a drone. Especially considering that if you place it well, it force enemies to be completely out of cover to do so.

    The only change i would suggest is about the cooldown of the bionic pulse : it is frustrating to wait for x seconds to revive someone because the game decided god's know why your bionic pulse don't work from a certain point of view.
    Possible change : adjust the CD with how many teammates are revived. The more people you revive at once, longer the CD will be. But, even with a longer CD, it should always be more rewarding to revive multiple people at once than one after another.