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  • Re: Guardian nerf or buff

    @MikeGreene1990 said:
    Reason for drone, is because 10 seconds of uptime is to short in stopwatch games where a full team of artys can alternate spaming EV.

    Nothing prevent your team to have a full team of Guardian that alternate their drone...

    People shouldn't see the drone as a preventive ability, like Turtle's shield, but a reactive one, like... well, no merc actually has such ability. This is the kind of gameplay where, when you see a Fragger, a Nader, or a Jav coming to you, instead of running away like before, you put your drone and stand your ground. And considering the duration gain a slight recharge for each projectile destroyed, i find the drone fine as it is.

    @MikeGreene1990 said:
    The problem with the drone is that it can block nothing and still die in 10-20 seconds. Whatever the self destruct rate is.

    Just think that maybe it prevents enemy mercs using their ability. If an ennemy Nader or Arty see a deployed drone, she/he won't use her/his ability. So your drone, even if it doesn't directly block incoming projectile, it prevents in some way enemy mercs to spam your position.
    In fact, the only merc that is losing a lot here is Skyhammer, because there is so much time between when the marker is thrown and when the plane come out, that it let plenty of time to Guardian to deploy her drone (but not enough for enemy to destroy it by shooting it)

    As of her revive ability, the only buff she could get is a reduction to her CD. I agree that she's not performing that much as a medic in pub games, but, like Sparks, she becomes way more powerful in FF ON servers, where you can kill and revive your teammate instead of healing them. Having a healing ability would be too powerful and there would be no point of playing Sawbonez or Phoenix anymore.

  • Re: How often do you revive more than 1 person with Guardian?

    In the few times teammates die close enough from each other, one of them usually die while im charging the bionic pulse, so i end up reviving only one teammate. Reviving more than one person is really rare.

  • Re: Should SD give Guardian's drone a name?

    Jimmy Lee ? I mean, when deployed, he really sound like a cricket singing at night.

  • Re: The Guardian Update - Bug Megathread

    • Type of Bug: Merc Ability

    • Description: Sky shield not being thrown when players / delivery point / EV is close

    • Video / Screenshot: None

    • Steps to reproduce: Stand close to a player, chopper delivery crate or EV and throw the sky shield.

    • Result: Sky shield won't be thrown but the CD will state as if it were deployed and instantly destroyed (around 12s CD).

    • Expected result: Sky Shield supposed to be somewhere near the point you were aiming.

    • Reproduction rate: I'd say 90%

    I feel that if you try to launch the drone in a place that is already occupied by an other object, the it gets instantly destroyed.

  • Re: Guardian nerf or buff

    After playing her, i feel Guardian is in a really weird spot. Her HP and Assault rifle make her to be in front line, but the lack of healing ability ask for another medic to support, thus making her revive ability quite redundant.

    As Javelin is somewhat a mix of Nader and a fire support, Guardian is a sort of a mix of Turtle and Sparks.

    Guardian should be played as if she was an assault merc with a revive ability.

    If she needs a buff, i think the duration of the drone could be raised, with maybe a longer CD then.