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  • Re: Community reward thought???

    I just figured out that the Christmas tree in the menu shows all the rewards obtainable during the event : mouse over the baubles, you'll see which rewards we can still win. Baubles that are lit up are the rewards we already got.

  • Re: Gotta love the logic...

    Sorry to be harsh but this topic is sterile.

    We all know balance can be @$!# sometimes, that players can switch sides as they want or go in and out of the match while using server browser maps. We all played unbalanced matches, being the stomped one or the stomper. And we all know that there are people that can be complete assholes sometimes. But nothing can't change this. For now, the only and best solution we got is the CMM.

  • Re: Since the FEL-IX is useless now, can Aimee got a MoA?

    @TheStrangerous said:
    Alright, food for thought:

    Randomly saw a Fortnite sniper rifle gameplay, and realized the bullet is actually a projectile, instead of hit scan.

    What if Sniper rifle bullets were projectiles, or heck every guns' bullets were projectiles and not hitscan?

    It's already frustrating to see bottom score vassili/aimee missing everyshot, staying back and not contributing in any way to the objective. No need to add more difficulty to sniper rifles.

  • Re: Shouldn't health insurance give XP from BEFORE the heal?

    Just consider health insurance xp a part of the xp your teammates did after being healed/revived and wouldn't have done if you weren't there.

  • Re: Gen 3 loadout cards - Why?

    How do you dual wield pump-action shotgun ? You fire two shells then what ?