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  • Nuclear Winter is here

    Nuclear Winter has arrived. Check out our brand new microsite for more information.


    Weapon Cards are a brand new system in Dirty Bomb, allowing you to change the weapon skin on your favourite Loadout Cards. There are three skin sets in this first iteration for purchase, but also some festive skins that you will unlock just through playing in the event. You can read a full breakdown of the Weapon Card system in this news post.


    Merc Decks are another new system in Dirty Bomb, allowing far more customisation for your favourite Mercs than ever before. You select your Merc, apply your Loadout Card and then equip a brand new Weapon Skin. You can also equip a Trinket per Merc, meaning that each of the three Mercs you take into battle will be fully customised.


    The MVP screen was one of our main additions in the Javelin update and we haven’t stopped working on it since its introduction. We feel that it is important that our players get their time in the spotlight, no matter how they contributed to the success of the team. We’ve changed how the MVP awards are calculated to ensure that the award distribution is fair and more reliable. However, this is just the first step. We will be constantly monitoring and adjusting the MVP system to provide a good user experience. Below are some of the bug fixes we have applied in this update.

    MVP award for Most Accurate changed from “Shots Landed” to “Overall Accuracy %”
    Fixed bug where Best Merc award sometimes displayed the incorrect Merc
    Fixed bug where Most Kills award also counted Friendly kills



    Guardian is currently not where we want her to be, and we are looking to improve her over the next couple of updates. It is important to make her Bionic Pulse more reliable and her Sky Shield more attack focused. To do that we are planning on increasing the range of her passive ability and applying some fixes for her Bionic Pulse.

    Both changes should impact her status/quality massivly. However, in this update we want to apply some smaller balance changes that allow players to keep the shield up longer at the cost of the device’s health. We want to make sure that players don`t have to focus her Sky Shield for too long and can instead focus on general combat.

    Sky Shield lifespan increased from 10 to 12 seconds
    Sky Shield health reduced from 90 to 60


    Javelin is still one of our main focuses for balancing to ensure she is ready for the next ranked season, but we felt we went slightly too far with the acceleration changes in the last update. Therefore we decided to take a step back and give her a bit more power again by speeding up the rocket’s acceleration. This change still ensures that players have more time to find cover or shoot down the rocket without making it too frustrating.

    Rocket acceleration time reduced from 2 to 1.25 seconds
    Rocket base speed changed from 40% to 30% of maximum speed


    Every player has their own opinion of Proxy. Proxy players love her and her playstyle while others can get frustrated playing against her. With this change we have tried to satisfy the players that play against a Proxy without impacting her in the hands of skilled players.

    Damage Radius reduced from 240 to 208
    Inner Damage Radius increased from 16 to 32


    Rhino was weakened by some of the changes in the last update and we wanted to re-address his position in the game. This change focuses on keeping players shooting for longer.

    Minigun energy cost reduced by ~ 25%
    Minigun max spread reduced by ~ 10%


    We wanted to limit Sparks slightly in her damage output. This may look like a small change as it still allows her still to one-shot 120HP Mercs, but the difference is that she now has to fully charge her Revivr to do so.

    Revivr damage reduced from 65 to 60


    Our goal is that all players have an equal chance of collecting enough XP no matter which Merc they play. Therefore we have decided to make some additional Experience Points changes after reviewing the current state of the game. On average Medics are collecting the most XP while Covert Ops and Soldiers are on the lower end.

    Guardian is an exception in this case because she still suffers from the low Experience Points gain that she has since her release. These changes should bring all of the Mercs closer together, but we will continue monitoring the changes.

    Aimee – “Spotting an Enemy with Third Eye” XP from 60 to 80 per enemy
    Phantom – “Disabling a deployable” XP from 80 to 85 per deployable
    Rhino – “Suppressing Fire” XP from 20 to 30
    Guardian – “Projectile destroyed” XP from 50 to 60
    Thunder – “Concussing an enemy” XP from 30 to 40



    We have tried to trim down the reload times on shotguns as much as we can, due to the amount of “down time” players have between shooting and reloading. To do this best, we have sped up the pump animation, which is the pump that takes place after loading to full capacity. This will cut off a significant amount of time when reloading to full capacity.

    HOLLUNDS 880

    Reload pump time reduced by ~20%
    Total reload time decreased to 2.45 seconds from 2.55 seconds


    Reload pump time reduced by ~20%
    Total reload time decreased to 2.3 seconds from 2.4 seconds


    The Ahnuhld after its recent changes suffers from running low on ammunition relatively fast, compared to other shoguns, due to its faster fire-rate. More shots are required for a kill as well, because of its considerably lower damage overall. It has had its starting capacity increased slightly to give it a little more sustain-power.

    Increased starting magazines to 3.5 from 3
    Reload pump time reduced by ~20%
    Total reload time decreased to 2.7 seconds was 2.85 seconds



    Across the board players have reported that the FEL-IX felt worse to use following the balancing changes. We want to give this more time so that players learn to use newly balanced sniper rifles, before making further drastic changes. However, there are a few quality-of-life improvements to the FEL-IX, such as a slightly bigger magazine size and balanced fire-rate and reload timings. The timing of fire-interval and cocking the rifle has also been adjusted, to make timing the next shot feel more accurate and responsive.

    Increased magazine capacity from 5 to 6
    Reduced starting magazines to 3.5 from 4
    RPM increased to 34 from 32
    Adjustments to fire-interval and cocking animation timings


    Horizontal recoil decreased by ~30%


    Added 28 new Steam Achievements
    Fixed bug where some commander dialog was missing from Vault
    Fixed grammar for Proxy daily play mission
    Fixed bug where Assault Course trinkets were not being granted. If this affected you, please contact customer support.
    Fixed bug where it was impossible to earn ‘Best Javelin’ MVP
    Fixed bug where Vault subtitles were inconsistent with commander dialog
    Fixed bug where ‘Most Accurate’ MVP award could be awarded incorrectly
    Fixed bug where players who had damaged the EV would sometimes get a random additional 1 XP
    Added a new UI notification from the main menu showing when you have unopened cases in your inventory


    We are aware of an issue with the Jackal Lantern audio not playing
    Some of the UI tooltips around equipping Weapon Cards to multiple decks are unclear

  • Dev Video: Introducing Weapon Skins

    Weapon Skins. Holiday Event. Castle.

    All coming next week.

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  • November 6th - Fine Tuning Update

    New post-game information and breakdowns, Javelin tweaks and additional changes headline this week's Fine Tuning Update.

    Post-Match Screen Changes

    So we heard you like stats...

    We've added a new section to the post-match screen that contains a more detailed breakdown of every player's match statistics, along with some additional improvements.

    • Added new post-match 'Advanced Stats' screen
    • Added a new post-match breakdown of credits earned
    • Added new post-match XP progression bar
    • Fixed bug where no notification was displayed for dropped Equipment Cases in post match screen

    Weapon Stats

    Weapon Stats in your Profile are now being recorded again, after a change to the codebase left them unable to log data. Sadly, as the system was not logging during the down time, your stats for that period can't be retroactively added to your profile.

    As before, Merc Ability Weapon Stats are not being recorded. We will be removing these from the profile section in a future update.

    Updated Telemetry System

    In a recent Developer Update video we talked about the upcoming changes to our in-game telemetry system.

    This system allows us to drill down into game data; looking at Merc usage and effectiveness, weapon usage and accuracy and much, much more. We're happy to announce that the system is online in this update, and we'll be combining the results with your feedback and our own experience to better balance weapons, Mercs and more.

    Jackal's Eve Changes

    • Added x5 and x10 Jackal's Eve Equipment Case bundles to the Store
    • Fixed bug where Pumpkin Trinket sound wasn't audible for other players

    Javelin Changes

    We are continually monitoring Javelin's performance in game and community feedback. This is an additional round of tweaks, but expect more changes in future updates.

    • Reduced speed of Guided mode projectile from 1400 to 1360
    • Reduced speed of Standard mode projectile from 2200 to 1980
    • Increased charge time from 1.0s to 1.2s

    Other Changes

    • Added a new system notification to the chat when a player joins a match in progress
    • Improved contrast on Daily Play Rewards screen
    • Improved alignment of ability icons in Merc profile
    • Added Daily Play Missions for Guardian and Javelin
    • Tweaked Server Browser image
    • Removed access to Get, Getall and Set commands in the developer console to prevent exploits
    • Fixed bug where Skyhammer's Airstrike directional indicator was sometimes not visible
    • Fixed bug where Arty's laser designator would be invalid when targeting overhanging geometry
    • Fixed bug where selecting 'Crafting Kits x10' would link to 'Crafting Kit x1' store page
    • Fixed bug where the Assault Course pop-up is not displayed for new users after playing a match for the first time
    • Fixed bug where Guardian's Sky Shield drone wouldn't orientate to point the laser
    • Fixed bug where one of Guardian's Sky Shield drone legs would excessively clip in to level geometry
    • Fixed inconsistent Merc Swap notification when switching between Merc slots
    • Fixed bug where leaving a match just after the result screen would cause the UI to malfunction
  • The Guardian Update - Bug Megathread

    Hey all!

    With every new update there are often a number of unforeseen issues that sneak in. To address these as quickly as possible, we're creating a single Forum Megathread so you can let us know when you run into them. This way, you’ll have a much greater chance of having them seen by our QA team than by creating a new thread (we only have so much time for bug-thread hunting!)

    Before you make a post please do a quick check to see if anyone else has reported the issue you have experienced. If so, simply up-vote their comment and we’ll know the severity of issues.

    Format bug reports: When putting a bug into the comments below make sure that you give us as much information as you can. If you can remember any of the events leading up to the issue it can help us find the cause quicker.

    • Type of Bug: Eg. Gameplay bug, HUD and in game UI, Frontend UI etc.

    • Description: Describe what the bug is and what happened in the moments leading up to and after the incident.

    • Video / Screenshot: If you can grab a screenshot (which you can do through steam) or a video recording of the issue it would be useful for us.

    • Steps to reproduce: List the steps that lead up to the bug. Try not to leave any information out, every step can be useful!

    • Result: What happened after you experienced the bug.

    • Expected result: What you believe should have happened if there was no bug.

    • Reproduction rate: How many times out of 10 have you experienced this issue? (1/10 - 10/10)

    Copy the below code and use it to fill in your details:

    * **Type of Bug:**

    * **Description:**

    * **Video / Screenshot:**

    * **Steps to reproduce:**

    * **Result:**

    * **Expected result:**

    * **Reproduction rate:**

    Performance/Graphical Issues: If you are experiencing either performance or graphical related issues, please also add your System Specification to your bug report including: Processor, Graphics Card, RAM, HDD/SSD, Motherboard, Sound Card and even drivers etc.

    We’ll be going through each and every bug which is posted here. If you don’t get a reply, don’t worry. Just rest assured knowing we have made note of your issue and it will be addressed when possible.

    Thank you for helping us make Dirty Bomb a cleaner place (that sounds wrong but you know what I mean).