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  • Re: decisions, decisions....

    @ThePigVomit said:
    i KNEW i couldn't trust them to make the it says releasing on the 23rd.....

    I am disappoint, SD...very disappoint....

    Hey the guy that is paid to flip the switch called out sick. And acording to labor rules you cant allow an employee thats not paid to flip the switch to flip a switch. If they flip a switch there not paid for flipping the company can be sued by the labor dept and it jeopordizes job security as well. Haha lol :p

  • Re: OMG OMG OMG!!!!

    @MaceyKeys said:
    I received a another weapon kit crate drop! Only need one more to make a cobalt! Just one more year!!!!

    Just for that you shall wait 2 years after they remove it lol ha ha.

  • Updated merc role calls

    So any one think they should remake some of the merc roll calls for mercs like phantom, and thunder for the full 1.0 release? being there now inacurate.

  • Re: Your best DirtyBomb Meme?

    @GatoCommodore said:
    -Yfw enemies has 4 stoker and they rotate to defend the bomb

    Now if we could only get the bone headed level 7 sky hammers in ranked to the same instead of all throwing at once

  • Re: key bind long jump

    @Major_Slapnuts said:
    Can I key bind long jump to a single key?

    Yes i have it binded on my mouse. I have a logitech mouse and i use there gaming software i could also use my corsiar keyboard spftware too if i wanted

    Also binding the k button to mouse 1 button it gives you super long jump

    Kidding dont do that lol