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  • Re: Contoller Support!

    @teflonlove said:

    @Ugo-gaming said:
    Pls. Dirty Bomb can you guys pls add contoller support with aim assist

    Dear sir, i applaud your solid trolling. Obviously some people actually took your post serious. Well done. :trollface:

    Think he was serious he tried to open another post asking for it that was shutdown by the mods

  • Updated merc role calls

    So any one think they should remake some of the merc roll calls for mercs like phantom, and thunder for the full 1.0 release? being there now inacurate.

  • Re: New Dev Video: The January Update

    More fragments no thanks just show me the credits

  • Re: The Lead And Iron Update – January 22nd

    Yay useless fragments added to daily rewards... how bout bring the damn credits back that can be used during events.....

  • Re: Aimee obsidian

    @STARRYSOCK said:
    I don't really like the skin personally. Makes her look too much like a vassili ripoff, and it's already pretty hard to call them vastly different anyways.

    I would have preferred something that fits better with Aimee as a character. Something more fashionable, but still sleek and flashy to fit with other obsidian operatives. Perhaps something along the lines of her original concept art, rather than a skin-tight bodysuit with weird looking legs and an awkward hood.

    I probably wouldn't buy it regardless just because I don't like playing aimee, but I definitely think their choice of design is a bit weird to say the least.

    They should hold a poll come up with a few designs and let us decide were the ones buying it and if they want they could even limit it to pts server autherized players only if they want to keep some suspense and keep us talking til its release