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  • Re: Guardian's Mouth

    @Eox said:
    She breath with her mouth obviously.

    Better than breathing through skin like in a certain other game.

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  • Re: Recent reduction in CMM queue times is a net negative.

    @Wintergreen said:

    @MarsRover said:

    They are supposed to gather feedback, which we should give. My opinion is that for my skill range CMM worked better before the latest change. Others are happy that queue times have shortened for them.

    I still maintain my position that if you want quick matches there is Stopwatch in server browser. You can go into a 30min match with minimal fuss - best lobby to gameplay ratio you can get in this game.

    The game is supposed to be in beta, I don't know why you are so antagonistic to people giving feedback.

    That's fair. As I prefaced in my first comment, I'm really not trying to be antagonistic or condescending. I just can't wrap my head around what people expect them to do. I agree with a lot of folks and I disagree with a lot of folks. Has nothin' to do with anything other than the subject at the time. I'm optimistic things will get better after more time passes and they work some more things out. Call me an ass kisser, but it's been a great year for SD and DB.

    Again, I don't know what "people" say and want. I'm here presenting my personal POV. SD's job is to gather the feedback, weight it and find the best middle ground. If they decide that CMM works best now considering needs of players of all skill ranges, then it's fine. They aren't first timers, they are used to getting all kinds of feedback. As long as it's constructive, I'm sure they want as much as possible. It's their job to filter it and analyze it (and act upon it if it;s right), not ours.

    Other than that - agreed. The game has sprung to life. I am very happy that CMM is finally here, and even in its current form is better than randomness of the server browser. It's just that for me it worked better before the latest patch.

  • Re: The Ghostclip Update Release Notes - 21st September, 2017

    @K1X455 said:

    @stayfreshshoe said:

    • Updated the Matchmaking algorithm to reduce queue times for both brand new players and very experienced players at either end of the spectrum

      • Additionally, we are now factoring in Party Size much more heavily, so larger Parties will have closer-skilled matches
    • Added the ability to switch to any Region in Casual options

    What about balance based on latency?

    And average fps, and screen refresh rate, and mouse sensor... aaaand you can't be matched with anyone, enjoy this empty server.

  • Re: MKIV case got jipped?

    I'm like 50% sure my MK IV case last week was eaten by a bug, but it was really late so I may just not remember opening it.